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Post Affiliate Pro USP

The company offers a unique feature called SplitCommission that enables businesses to reward all the affiliates who contribute in referring a specific sale. The plat possesses over 170+ CMS and payment gateways. Also, the company provides numerous exclusive tracking methods, which result in the most precise affiliate tracking software in the market.

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Post Affiliate Pricing

The company offers a 14 day free trail and rest of the pricing plans have been highlighted below:

Pro Version- $97/month
Includes: Unlimited Affiliates, 1M Tracking Requests/Month, Support 365 Days a Year and Free Lifetime Updates

Ultimate Version - $197/month
Includes: Unlimited Affiliates, 5M Tracking Requests/Month, Support 365 Days a Year and Free Lifetime Updates

Network Version - $477/month
Includes: Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Merchants, 20M Tracking Requests/Month, Support 365 Days a Year and Free Lifetime Updates.


The company offers a 14 day free trial post filling up an application on the company website.


Fraud Protection
The company’s Fraud Protection system can keep a track of all the transactions created in the system and can automatically reject fake transactions without any irritating alerts or pop-ups.

Multiple Currencies
The company allows merchants to record sales in many currencies, and convert commissions into the default currency. The solution converts all the commissions into default currency, which will by selected by the users during the configuration process.

Customizable Interface
The company offers a flexible web application, which can be modified to fit any corporate design. All the elements in the user interface can be modified by editing of the template file or css files. A few common design modification can be done straight from the merchant panel.

Mass Payments
This extended functionality enables organizations to define an unrestricted number of payment methods for their affiliates. They can also define their own export format for every payment method.

Quick Report
This report provides users with an instant overview of all tracked events, like impressions, clicks, sales and commissions, for any required period of time. Users can also find all the important information and their performance updates for the selected time at one place.

Private Campaigns
This feature helps businesses to prepare superior campaigns for a limited number of affiliates, and hide those campaigns from other affiliates.

Multilingual Support
The company has employed a powerful multilingual module in PAP, which is even included in the lowest-cost version of the solution.


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