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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 1994

Harmony Pricing & Demo

Harmony Overview

Harmony animation software is a very efficient software created on a user-friendly platform. It is a powerhouse of production and it is used in top studios everywhere. It provides an easy path to style and works in the least possible time. The software provides all the essentials tools like 2D cut-outs as well as paperless animation styles. It is focused on efficiency which makes animators more productive but with the minimum efforts. It is a product for animators, riggers, background artists as well as compositors.

Harmony Pricing

Harmony Pricing is done according to the requirements as well as the time frame of billing. There are different plans for monthly and annual billing. Harmony Pricing ranges from $13 to $1630.

  1. Essentials - $13/per month/billed annually, $19/per month/billed monthly
  2. Advanced - $32/per month/billed annually, $48/per month/billed monthly
  3. Premium - $61/per month/billed annually, $90/per month/billed monthly
  4. Permanent License - Ranges from $310 to $1630 according to the plan

Harmony Demo

Harmony animation software provides a trial pack of 21 days which is free of cost. The users can get familiar with different features and the environment of Harmony during the trial period.


  • Traditional Animation
    • Provides all the toolset used in traditional animation
    • Users can create a frame by frame animation with the toolset
  • 2D and 3D Integration
    • Helps you to animate 3D models and their individual parts directly
    • Provides additional creative control when integrating 3D elements with 2D character
  • Cut-Out Animation
    • Equipped to build simple as well as advanced rigs with the help of specialized tools.
    • Save time with master controllers when animating sophisticated rigs.
  • Compositing and Effects
    • Users can add camera angles, special effects as well as composite scenes easily
    • Integrate effects to characters like lighting and volume with automatic tones and highlights which can be animated.
  • Export to Game Engine
    • Create a 2D animation for your game
    • Sophisticated to create lightweight animations and export them to game engines like Unity

Harmony USP

Harmony animation software is a very effective software, the pipeline integration feature is designed in such a way that it integrates with other software such as illustrator, multiple PSB, PDF, etc. The software is scalable and can be used by major animation companies as well as small tv studios.

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Harmony Reviews

General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Great Software"

This is a great affordable software for cut-out and hand-drawn animation. The traditional animation toolset is great for creating animations.
Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“An essential tool for character animators"

The software was designed for character animators which will work serially with characters. This lets the animators re-use the assets which they have created multiple times.

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