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HPE offers complete anomaly detection, monitoring, and control services as a comprehensive packaged solution to its commercial clientele. This enables the company to gain a competitive edge in the market. The company possesses a significant breadth of offerings in the UBA area, and provides enhanced features and functionalities to its commercial customers. Request HPE Pricing to get more information.


The company’s flagship product, the ArcSight UBA software minimizes the risk and impact of cyber-attacks in the real time.


  • The software has enhanced visibility into attacks with real-time alerts on suspicious user and entity activities and behaviours.
  • It displays an intuitive workbench that delivers immediate insight into security risks, streamlines investigations, and increases productivity.
  • The software detects unknown threats through purpose-built security analytics by creating a baseline of normal user and entity behaviour, and identifying anomalies associated with users.
  • It provides accurate investigation and decision making, efficient and effective event resolution, and situational awareness to respond to threats more intelligently. 


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  • +8
    Product Branding
  • +7
    Product Features and Functionality
  • +13
    User Behaviour Anomoly Detection
  • +13
    Machine Learning & AI
  • +7
    Identity and access management (IAM)
  • +5
    Network Intelligence and Security (DDOS and IDS/IPS)
  • +14
    Network Traffic Analytics (Traffic Monitoring)
  • +10
    SIEM(Log Management)
  • +8
    Threat Intelligence and Management
  • +10
    Business Consulting Services
  • +11
    Other Services
  • +10
    Large Enterprises
  • +9
  • +6
    Risk Mitigation and Management (Network Dectection)
  • +9
    On-Site Support
  • +10
    Remote Support
  • +5
    Customer support service
  • +6
  • +7
    Support Program
  • +8
    Support Training
  • -12
  • -5
    Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • -14
    IT and Telecom
  • -7
  • -10
    Product Quality and Reliability
  • -6
    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -9
    Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • -12
    Network Behaviour Anomoly Detection
  • -11
    Big Data Analytics
  • -12
    Data Mining & Business Intelligence
  • -14
    Other technology offered
  • -8
    Integration & Deployment
  • -9
    Support & Maintenance
  • -9
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • -11
    Other Features Offered
  • -11
    Frequency of Support Services - Monthly
  • -12
    Frequency of Support Services- Quarterly
  • -13
    Frequency of Support Services- Bi-Annually
  • -14
    Frequency of Support Services - Annually
  • -5
    Any other Frequency of Support Services
HPE Presence in Anomaly Detection Software
HPE is a leading provider of software and hardware solutions and services, and it caters its products to various industry verticals. The company makes enterprises more efficient, more productive, and more secure by enabling fast, flexible responses to the rapidly changing competitive business environment. Global recognition stands as a robust point for HPE, which has enabled the company to persistently drive innovations into its businesses. This has helped the company maintain a strong position in the global market. HPE firmly believes in making continual efforts to enrich customer relationships by offering new products and providing continuous product support. The company has been undertaking multiple growth strategies, including organic and inorganic strategies, to deliver a higher level of customer support and state-of-the-art technology to its clients. For instance, in 2017, HPE acquired Niara, Inc., a leading provider of behavioral security analytics. The acquisition led HPE to integrate Niara’s behavior analytics software with HPE Aruba's ClearPass network security portfolio. Moreover, HPE was able to deliver network-wide, real-time visibility and predictive assessment of potential risks within the enterprises. Furthermore, in 2015, HPE introduced the User Behavior Analytics solution. The solution offers customer visibility into user behavior and provides an effective way to detect malicious users. It helps customers detect breaches before any significant damage occurs.
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