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Splunk is engaged in the development and marketing of software solutions. Splunk offerings enable users to collect, index, search, explore, monitor, and analyze data. They address diverse data sets that are referred to as big data and are specifically used for machine data. The company's anomaly detection products help users in various roles, including IT, security, and business professionals, to analyze their machine data and achieve real-time visibility and intelligence about their organization's operations. Request SPLUNK INC Pricing to get more information.


The company offers user behavioral analytics to help detect, respond to, and mitigate advanced, hidden, and insider threats. Splunk’s flagship product is Splunk Enterprise, which is a machine data platform consisting of collection, indexing, search, reporting, analysis, alerting, and monitoring and data management capabilities.


  • It collects and indexes machine data daily, irrespective of the format or source.
  • Splunk’s machine data platform uses the company's data processing architecture that performs schema creation, enabling users to run queries on data without having to define or understand the structure of the data prior to collection and indexing.
  • Splunk Analytics for Hadoop is a software that allows users to explore, analyze, and visualize existing Hadoop data.
  • Splunk Analytics for Hadoop natively supports Apache Hadoop, Amazon EMR, Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM Infosphere Biginsights, MapR M-series, and Pivotal HD Distributions.


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  • +13
    User Behaviour Anomoly Detection
  • +11
    Big Data Analytics
  • +12
    Data Mining & Business Intelligence
  • +13
    Machine Learning & AI
  • +5
    Network Intelligence and Security (DDOS and IDS/IPS)
  • +10
    SIEM(Log Management)
  • +8
    Threat Intelligence and Management
  • +8
    Integration & Deployment
  • +10
    Large Enterprises
  • +9
  • +9
    On-Site Support
  • +10
    Remote Support
  • +5
    Customer support service
  • +8
    Support Training
  • +5
    Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • +14
    IT and Telecom
  • +7
  • +13
    Retail and Consumer Goods
  • +13
    Frequency of Support Services- Bi-Annually
  • +8
    Product Branding
  • -6
    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -12
    Network Behaviour Anomoly Detection
  • -14
    Other technology offered
  • -7
    Identity and access management (IAM)
  • -14
    Network Traffic Analytics (Traffic Monitoring)
  • -10
    Business Consulting Services
  • -11
    Other Services
  • -9
    Support & Maintenance
  • -9
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • -11
    Other Features Offered
  • -6
    Risk Mitigation and Management (Network Dectection)
  • -11
    Frequency of Support Services - Monthly
  • -12
    Frequency of Support Services- Quarterly
  • -6
  • -7
    Support Program
  • -12
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    Media and Entertainment
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    Other Industry Verticals
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    Frequency of Support Services - Annually
  • -5
    Any other Frequency of Support Services
SPLUNK INC Presence in Anomaly Detection Software
The company’s goal is to make Splunk the standard platform for delivering operational intelligence and real-time business insights from machine data. Splunk intends to continuously invest heavily in product developments for delivering additional features and performance enhancements. The company also intends to invest in deployment models and solutions that can address new end markets. The company continues to expand into adjacent products, services, and technologies that enable organizations to further realize the value of their machine data across cloud and on-premises environments. Splunk’s investment involves organic hiring and associated development, acquisitions, and licensing of third-party technology. Splunk is focused on increasing investments in sales and marketing to enable the acquisition of new customers and expand its current customer base. It also continues to invest in and foster the growth of channel relationships, both inside and outside the US, empowering enterprises in this region to leverage this for their go-to-market investments. The company possess strong customer base with strong geographic presence in regions such as Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Splunk intends to invest in SDKs and APIs that help software developers leverage the Splunk platform. By doing this, the company plans to promote and extend the capabilities of its offerings to customers who wish to build sophisticated applications and interfaces. In June 2015, Splunk acquired Metafor Software, a privately-held British Columbia corporation, which offers technology and provides anomaly detection and behavioral analytics for IT operations. In July 2015, the company also acquired Caspida, Inc., a privately held Delaware corporation, which provides behavioral analytics to its commercial clientele for detecting, responding to, and mitigating advanced security and insider security threats. The company is focused on expanding its business and has been tremendously working on organic and inorganic strategies to grow in the field of anomaly detection. This is evident from the fact that in June 2017, Splunk launched Splunk Insights for Ransomware, a new offering that delivers organizations a complete analytics solution to manage ransomware threats. Splunk Insights for ransomware offers Splunk Enterprise capabilities with user-based pricing and provides real-time insights for proactive assessment and rapid investigation of potential ransomware threats. Additionally, in June 2017, Splunk partnered with Rackspace, Inc., a leading managed cloud service provider, to boost Rackspace’s decision analytics engine by leveraging the SES platform. Rackspace uses Splunk solutions for security, compliance, DevOps, business intelligence, application management, and IT operations.
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