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In the anomaly detection market, Wipro offers the Apollo and Holmes solution. Apollo is an anomaly detection software built to address challenges in fraud, risk, and compliance. The Wipro Holmes fraud and anomaly detection solution helps in proactive fraud, risk, compliance, and unintentional error detection. Request WIPRO LIMITED Pricing to get more information.


Wipro provides Apollo and Holmes solution for anomaly detection.
  • Apollo is incorporated with 350 types of machine learning algorithms, offering end-to-end control, right from data ingestion to reporting and case management. It is also built for data handling and reports and case management. Its architecture revolves around data sourcing, business models, and outcomes for investigations.
  • Wipro Holmes is an AI platform consisting of cognitive computing services, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, and knowledge virtualization. The solution is framed using machine learning, natural language processing, genetic and deep learning algorithms, and pattern recognition to provide solutions for accelerating processes for detecting network-based anomalies. Traditional tools are limited to basic correlation checks and could not carry out pattern matching. Based on the machine learning predictive score, Holmes prioritized the outliers. The presence of each employee was asserted based on past access patterns and employee location tracking was based on access privileges.


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WIPRO LIMITED Presence in Anomaly Detection Software
Wipro is globally renowned for its innovations toward delivering business value, and its commitment to sustainability. Its R&D initiatives continue to focus on strengthening and extending its IT services portfolio across multiple new and emerging technology areas as well as on the intersection of these technologies. Moreover, the company has invested heavily in advanced technologies to strengthen existing capabilities and enhance its platforms for delivering a rich customer experience. The company has developed a new fraud control and anomaly detection platform, Apollo, which helps organizations address the challenges in managing fraud, risk, and compliance. The company’s business strategy believes in maintaining stable long-term relationships with partners and strong association memberships. The company achieves flexibility by strategically targeting diversified revenue bases to trigger its internal growth mechanism. The platform relies on real-time anomaly detection through the surveillance of big data analytics and machine learning. Furthermore, the company also focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions to its commercial clientele. Wipro has been continuously emphasizing on expanding its business in new potential markets by undertaking differentiated strategies, growth schemes, and niche alliances.
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