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Adguard USP

AdGuard antivirus software protects users from unnecessary tracking, pornographic content, intrusive ads, and phishing. This product dispatches on the network. AdGuard antivirus software is a unique desktop program that has all the security features for preferable web usage. The software combines the technologically best ad blocker for Windows, and a whole privacy protection module.

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AdGuard antivirus software is for ad-blocking purposes and privacy protection. This software comprises open-source and proprietary software that is supported in the Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS users. They inhibit the unwanted ads, pop-ups, banners, which may bear malicious virus. It's also prioritizing privacy for all the users. AdGuard antivirus software is extremely reliable and you do not have to face any problem during installation.

AdGuard pricing

AdGuard pricing through its new Licensing system makes the work better and it makes sure you can work properly throughout. Many variants would surely purchase the software and can make use of AdGuard pricing for your protection. For your personal use, you can install three devices with $0.85 + VAT monthly and $1.85 + VAT for the family pack for a maximum of nine devices.

AdGuard demos

There are no such demo sessions provided by the AdGuard antivirus software. This unique app has a few analogs and you can have a 14 days trial period where you can check the potential of the software. Later on, you can use the license to unlock the apps filtering and browsing security module.

AdGuard features


  • AdGuard blocks all kinds of ads pop-ups, video ads, banners, and other illegal sites from your system.
  • Due to optimized background filtering and cosmetic processing, all the pages would be clean and free from interruptions.

Privacy protection

  • AdGuard fights against all the analytical trackers and systems which keeps a suspicious eye on customers.
  • Blocks third-party cookies, secure your privacy by hiding your IP address, and provides an abundance of other features to protect from any scam.

Safe web surfing

  • Protection from phishing, fake and spiteful websites, and malicious advertising.
  • Checks every page against our database for any malicious requests and automatically blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.

Parental control

  • Protects your children online by blocking access to counterfeit websites, removes suspicious materials from search results.
  • Provides parents with a customized blacklist to monitor the safest web experience for their kids.


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