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The unique feature of this virus detector is the child protection lock. The software provides customizable child lock feature for the children. The heuristic protective ability is also one of a kind. Request NP AV Pricing to get more information.


NP AV Antivirus Software is an intricately designed malware and adware protection software. NP AV Antivirus Software is short for Net Protector Total Security. The software has built-in features for home security as well as business security. The business may be small scale businesses or large-scale businesses, NP AV Antivirus Software is appropriate. NP AV curates for the customer, a set of new and advanced technical support that is unique to the needs of the customer. With all viruses, worm, and spyware attacks and keeping up the business lifeline, network, and computer systems, it runs smoothly and securely.

NP AV Pricing :

There are two sets of NP AV Pricings. The generated NP AV Pricings by the company cannot be generally altered. The products NP AV Antivirus Software provides are total security, which is $10.71 for one PC one year, the Z-security product for $26.43 for one PC one year, and the Endpoint Security for $92.86 10 PCs one year. The customers can also consult the company and have a separate set pf pricing options. Customizable NP AV Pricing Options are also present on the platform and the website.

NP AV Demo:

The software provides a free Demo. These Demos are instructed by a seasoned professional who knows the entire working of the system well. The customer can also cancel the subscription without having to pay any money for the Demo. The Demo is for seven days, which is also the Free Trial.

NP AV Features:

Total Security Provision:

  • Guaranteed safe surfing with the usage of this software.
  • Protect the computer with Multilayer protection and reduce unwanted traffic that might disrupt workflow.

Protect The Computer in Real Time:

  • Safeguard the computer against immediate threats before the personal files are hacked. 
  • Provide immunity to the system against malware and adware. 

Heuristic Rules for more excellent Protection:

  • Detect the presence of ransomware and severe viruses.
  • Block the ransomware and protect the system software with Heuristic rules.

Efficient Child Lock :

  • Control what a child might access on the internet.
  • Customize the child’s interest with suggestions from the software.


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