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CA Technologies has registered its presence in the API testing market with its CA Application Test and CA Service Virtualization. CA delivers tools for developing, managing, and testing APIs simultaneously with automation and incorporation of API tests into a continuous delivery cycle. The tool can be used for generating functional, regression, and performance tests for APIs and applications. CA works on agile management, DevOps, and security solutions to build a common technology stack across several product lines. Request BROADCOM LIMITED Pricing to get more information.


The company strides toward building new solutions with an approach to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for its end-users. CA Service Virtualization is one of the parts in API testing, which solves access issues associated to third-party APIs and systems by capturing and modeling them as virtual services. CA’s virtualized versions are low-cost and 24/7 alternatives that can be used for functional and performance testing. For customers, CA API service virtualization produces applications with better and faster quality, while also saving on the development and testing costs for third-party APIs, systems, and services. The customers can conduct performance tests with each individual component, identify issues at the beginning of the lifecycle, and eliminate them. For developers, service virtualization helps in creating their own private environments for developing codes, which they can test for performance, without incurring higher costs from third-party partners. Each component can be tested individually instead of waiting for the complete assembly. Then after, regression testing takes place as soon as one component is tested. CA application testing integrated with CA Service Virtualization enables generating functional, regression, and on-the-process and performance tests for APIs and applications.

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BROADCOM LIMITED Presence in API Testing Software
CA Technologies is a recognized leader in the API testing market and has its presence globally, among which, the US alone generates around 64% of its revenue. It caters to the verticals of financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive, public sector, retail, service providers, and telecom. The company empowers its customers to leverage on its flexible platform and gain momentum on the testing services. The company adheres to its organic growth strategy and the result has been quite effective; as of June 2016, the company launched an edition on Automation Continuous Delivery, which enabled development teams to automate virtual services and API tests that are needed to support the quick development of composite applications and micro services. CA focuses on strengthening its expertise in the API testing market with various partnerships and acquisitions. In August 2014, CA partnered with Wipro to leverage the expanded portfolio of CA Technologies, including service virtualization, release automation/continuous delivery, continuous validation, and continuous monitoring solutions, to enable customers to enhance their application development and delivery processes with a DevOps strategy. In October 2016, the company acquired BlazeMeter, a company that provides a platform to run sophisticated, large-scale performance, and load tests rapidly. This acquisition enabled CA Technologies to leverage its footprints in the API testing platform. With these partnerships and acquisitions, the company primarily focuses on API management, particularly in service virtualization, testing automation, and test data management. In July 2015, it partnered with SmartBear, a top leader in the API testing platform, which proved to be a great business strategy for CA, as this brought about the merging of Ready! API, a product of SmartBear, with CA’s testing platform, leading to benefit the API providers and consumers, who use both the SOAP and REST APIs.
73 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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