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Sketch USP

Sketch’s biggest USP is how collaborative and communal it is, by aiming to bring together as many freelancers, designers and developers as possible. To this effect, it provides several communication and sharing features, such as exclusive workspaces and channels, and web-based designs, which can be updated and shared anytime. Request Sketch Pricing to get more information.


Sketch App Design Software is a digital design platform aimed at bringing freelancers, developers and designers all over the world together, on one common integrated platform. Sketch makes it much easier to collaborate and share ideas across domains. It also supports prototyping and helps streamline and manage your entire workflow. Through restless innovation, Sketch has made sure that it is now a booming hub of design ideas and prototypes and workflows, across the globe. 

Sketch Features

Some of Sketch’s most interesting features are as follows: 

  • Scalability
    • Sketch App Design Software provides reusable designs that can be easily updated and shared across various platforms

    • It is also very flexible and can be integrated across a range of business sizes, from start-ups to huge multinational corporations

  • Collaboration
    • Sketch provides a multitude of collaboration features such as workspaces and channels for a number of topics

    • It also enables you to get feedback about your prototypes, designs and much more

  • Integration
    • Sketch provides a wide range of additional plug-in options that help you with things such as animating your designs

    • Users can also use them to work with live data features

  • Available for Cloud
    • Sketch is also available for Cloud, with an integrated workspace solely for Cloud

    • This allows you to invite all the stakeholders of a particular project to collaborate and work together on your designs, with instant feedback as well

Sketch Pricing 

Sketch pricing plans start at $99 per year and include all the basic digital designing and collaboration features, to ensure that you are connected across teams and domains. These plans are also very scalable and can easily be customised to include additional features. 

Sketch Demo

Sketch App Design Software provides a free 30 day trial after which the Sketch pricing plans come into play. They also provide extensive support for the installation and usage of the software, although it is fairly easy to use. This training and support can be in person, live online, through documentation or tutorial videos. 


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Sketch Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Competitive Pricing”

Sketch pricing plans are very competitively priced, and include everything that I need for my design needs.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Comprehensive and scalable”

Sketch includes a lot of features and design tools, and can be scaled up and down, whenever the business requires it to.
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