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Instant Apps
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Instant Apps USP

Instant Apps wants to sway the small scale businesses and startups towards vesting their resources and tools at a reduced cost and help build the credibility of their products and services for users. It provides ample features with simplistic technology to build on resources and update/upgrade systems according to the needs of the business. Instant Apps pricing is also very dynamic.

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With the increasing apps and reducing storage space on your phones, Google has presented a next-gen solution to counter such challenges. Instant Apps, an app design software that allows users to navigate across various apps and is midway between the web app and a native app, which does not ask the users to download anything. It helps the user in operating various apps from one platform and stays on only until the user is using it. 

Instant Apps Pricing:

It comes with a three-way plan customised to the needs of a particular business or company. The basic package starts at $16/ per month which supports web browser/android platforms and gives around 5000 push notifications. Similarly Gold and Platinum pricing comes at $36 and $56 per month with 10000 and 25000 push notifications respectively. Though all three Instant Apps pricing packages allow customer support through live chat, email and phone, only gold and platinum have premium features. 

Instant Apps Demo:

You can request a free trial via the website. This will also help you in deciding which Instant Apps pricing package is best suited to your needs and requirements. 

Instant Apps Features:

Intermediary between a web app and native app- this app design software is super convenient and flexible

  • Quick and Efficient
    • Users can immediately access the information and their requirements without the need for installing a native app
    • Startup companies prefer launching their portals through this to get customer credibility
  • Boost user experience
    • They promote eCommerce app usage due to their interface and app design
    • Simple usage with accessible features provides the best user experience
  • Save Storage Space
    • Many users use phones with less storage space and this is a great substitute for such users who do not need to install anything else
    • It allows efficient decluttering of your phone 


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Instant Apps Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Fast Discoverability”

My company uses the premium feature of this app, and I must appreciate the increasing discoverability of my small organisation. This app has been a boon for us.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“One Tap Technology”

This app design software is extremely handy and easy to use. It provides multilingual features and a seamless user interface. I would definitely recommend this app!
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