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Bubble USP

Bubble’s biggest USP is its extremely affordable pricing, both for small businesses as well as large multinational organisations. The amount of features it includes for this price is also very good, which makes Bubble one of the best design softwares in the market. It also has very innovative tools and designs which makes it fun to experiment and create custom designs with. Request Bubble Pricing to get more information.


Bubble is a design and development software, which is aimed at beginners who have zero to minimal coding knowledge. Bubble allows these people to create designs without requiring any code at all. It also helps create prototypes, user testing features, and a range of other very interactive features. It is usually used to design web applications and simplify workflows. 

Bubble Features

Below are some of Bubble’s most interesting features: 

  • Prototyping
    • Bubble offers excellent prototyping tools, to create better designs and reduce the margin of error

    • This also helps users better visualise their designs, and ask for feedback 

  • A Wide Range Of Templates
    • Bubble provides hundreds of great templates and design ideas to experiment with

    • It also helps beginners choose the right template for their designs and models with plenty of pointers

  • Several Plug-in Options
    • With Bubble, you can avail of a number of plug-in options and APIs

    • This also helps users access other, moe diversified tools and features that they can implement to their designs 

  • Discussion Forums
    • Bubble supports excellent discussion forums where ideas can be shared very easily and feedback received quickly

    • Users can also share files, documents, videos and prototypes on these forums

Bubble Pricing

Bubble pricing plans start at $25 per month, for the Personal package, which comes with all the basic design features required for individual projects and requirements. It also includes a Professional and Production package. These pricing plans are very flexible and can be further customised to include additional features at minimal cost. 

Bubble Demo

This software has a free Hobby pack which can be used to try out and understand all the design features and tools Bubble provides, and can then be upgraded to any of the paid Bubble pricing packages. Although the software is relatively easy to install, it does provide a lot of support if needed, and can be scaled up to cater to large organisations as well.


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Bubble Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 09, 2020

“Unbelievable price for such a great product!”

Bubble pricing plans are so cheap and affordable, that you will become a loyal subscriber!
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Fun and quirky features”

For those who love designing, and Bubble makes the whole process much more fun with its quirky designs and tools!
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