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GoodBarber USP

Good Barber mainly focuses on UGC (User Generated Content), to summon the audience for their active participation in the improvement of the developed content in the app. The feature like opening chat channels amongst creators and users is another boon for the app creators, especially for this affordable Goodbarber pricing. Request GoodBarber Pricing to get more information.


Intended for e-commerce and Content Management, GoodBarber allows easy creation of native apps, progressive web applications and mobile apps (iOS, Android and PWA). It aids users with a flexible app creation journey while allowing team creation simultaneously. The app has a customizable interface and many built-in templates to yield a high-quality user experience.

Goodbarber Features

This software has a lot of excellent features, some of them are:

  • Creating Shopping Apps

    • To expand the business online, shopping apps are a necessity these days
    • E-commerce apps can be created with the best of the advanced mobile technologies very easily.

  • Content Management app creation 

    • Make the messages accessible via various channels to reach the target audiences.
    • Any type of content-delivery is feasible as GoodBarber allows access from the native mobile app or web (PWA).

  • PWA

    • A Progressive Web App (PWA) can be created to work optimally over any device.
    • A distinguishing feature allows access to offline mode and pushes notifications.

  • Publishing

    • The self-designed apps can be made available on the app store, Google play store and the web.
    • Publishing becomes easier and easy replies can be given to comments and ratings.

Goodbarber Pricing

Goodbarber pricing is dependent on the plan you choose. The plans are eCommerce, classic and reseller. The starting prices for them are 35 Euros/month, 25 Euros/month and 200 Euros/month respectively. However, they also have a different plan option of standard, full and premium. The Goodbarber pricing for them is 300 Euros/year, 376 Euros/year, and 1152 Euros/year.

Goodbarber Demo

A free 30-day trial is available without the requirement of entering your credit card details. The demo helps the customers to have an idea about the Goodbarber pricing and let them choose the plans according to their respective demands. However, you have to fill a registration form to have your app.


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GoodBarber Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020


The site is available in 6 languages while it allows the usage of 18 all languages to create the app, which certainly is versatile.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 09, 2020


The already available templates are highly customizable and the ability to create new ones on my own is absolutely another attraction.
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