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Marvel App Design
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Marvel App Design USP

Marvel's biggest USP is how user friendly and user-centric it is. To this end, it strives to provide as many design tools and features possible to help simplify and enhance the design process, from the user’s point of view. It also has one of the best prototyping tools in the industry, and makes sure that all its designs are as accurate and lifelike as possible. Request Marvel App Design Pricing to get more information.


Marvel App Design Software is an integrated platform aimed to bring designers and digital products together. It has excellent prototyping and design tools, which help create design specifications and bring to life the developer’s vision. It also helps enhance the workflow and integrate operations. Furthermore, it has a very good user interface and is extremely easy to use. 

Marvel Features

Some of Marvel’s best features are as follows:

  • Developer Handoff

    • This helps create design specifications for developers, and convert designs into assets and code
    • This also helps speed up the whole process and lessens the manual workload

  • Prototyping

    • Marvel App Design Software allows you to create prototypes of your ideas, which help you visualise them better and correct flaws immediately
    • These prototypes don’t need code at all,  but instead use a number of tools such as Sketch and Marvel’s own design tool 

  • User Testing

    • Marvel App Design Software greatly simplifies user testing, by using voice, video and analytical features to help provide feedback
    • It also allows users to gather a variety of feedback by simply sharing a link

  • Integration

    • Marvel helps enhance the whole workflow, by integrating with tools such as Slack, Sketch and Dropbox Paper
    • It also supports Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Teams 

Marvel Pricing

Marvel pricing plans start at approximately $12 per month, which includes all the basic designing features and tools. There are a variety of extremely reasonably priced plans to choose from, as per individual and business requirements. These plans are also very flexible and can be customised to include a lot of additional features at minimal cost. 

Marvel Demo

Marvel provides a free plan option, which can be used to try out the features and tools, and upgraded to any of the Marvel pricing plans. This will help users better understand what features work for them and their business requirements. Although Marvel is very easy to use, extensive support is also provided for installation and usage.


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Marvel App Design
80 Buyers Negotiating
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Marvel App Design Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Good prototyping tools”

Marvel has excellent prototyping tools which are very realistic and accurate, and help me picture my designs much better!
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Dynamic pricing packages”

Marvel pricing plans are dynamic and include several different kinds of packages to suit different business sizes and requirements.
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