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Retool app design software is extremely user friendly and uses major data sources to build on your internal tools from databases and management systems like MS SQL, Postegres, MySQL, etc. It also helps connect with external APIs and deploys components to build logic and queries. 

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Retool app design software accelerates your business like building blocks into skyscrapers with its in-house customised internal tool system. All you have to do is - read and write data from any source or medium and through its data fetching tool, it will craft for you the perfect management systems. 

Retool Pricing:

Retool pricing app design platform is extremely compatible with its finesse pricing ranging for 4 different categories. For free accessibility, it provides you creator mode only that provides unlimited apps, connects to any REST API and database. With a $10 per user/ per month price tag, you can have staging + production mode, unrestricted end-user mode and revision history. This is further built on with a $50 per month tag, which brings in granular access control, public apps, audit logs, etc. The last “Enterprise” pricing is only on request that brings custom connectors and components and SAML SSO. 

Retool Demo:

With its drag and drop features, retool templates can be accessible for developing and understanding software of multiple kinds. As the free version is also available, you can use it and see how beneficial it the paid version will be with all the functionality being unlocked.

Retool Features:

Whatever data you have- retool will pool your resources and help you focus on the bigger picture while it tasks on tiny things

  • Connect and Collect 
    • Data that you find across the various servers can be customised according to your internal integration systems. 
    • Helps connect to most databases like MySQL, Postegres, and MS SQL
  • Real-time data tracking
    • Through its authentication, authorization and audit logs, it helps you take note of every single data that is important for you.
    • Real-time data monitoring
  • Build Logic and Queries
    • It helps through various components on the app to build logic and queries like Javascript and Logic. 
    • Easy to use features that helps in creating an awesome application


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Retool Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Amazing tool for gathering data”

Due to a huge bulk of data at my organisation, it is often very tedious to manually note them but Retool has made it very simple.
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Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 09, 2020

“User friendly and Cost Effective”

Retool app design software is being used by me for 1 month, thoroughly impressed with its user-friendly approach and it also comes with a good price tag.
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