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Known for its rapid, lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping for material designs and animations, the interface design: UXPin is a great collaborative platform that aids many designers with its design system libraries. The users are mostly impressed by the design approvals, project tracking, slack integration and alike features that persist in abundance.

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The designing tools that help to get the drawing in head onto the screen, UXPin is a platform for achieving tasks like designing, prototyping, and collaboration at a single place. The platform claims to outperform other software with similar intuitiveness by boasting of its interactive states, logic and code components.

UXPin Features

Some of the excellent features of this software are:

  • Tools

    • Vector drawing tools to merge the drawn vector models to reach an end product of elegant illustrations 
    • Built-in libraries are easily accessible and include ample icons to pace-up the user's progress.

  • Interactive form elements

    • Exemption from drawing the static clones of checkboxes like elements, and replacing them with the built-in interactive forms and fields by UXPin.
    • Reduces the burden and time consumption linked with repetitive work, and allows updating components as per convenience. 

  • States and variables

    • Allows designing and animation of various forms of an element and facilitates updating within States with a single click.
    • Data can be updated, captured and stored conveniently using prototypes.

  • Upcoming soon

    • Code components: to help eliminate the need to redraw the patterns by automatic syncing
    • HTML import: any web-page (partial whole), can be imported to aid prototyping. 

UXPin Pricing

The pricing is dependent on the plans you choose. The plans are namely, Basic and advanced. Pricing launches at $24/month for the Basic subscription, while advanced plan costs $39/month. However, for Enterprise related packs, the company can be contacted for getting personalized 'UXPin pricing'.

UXPin Demo

A free trial is available for a limited duration. However, the trial can be upgraded to an unlimited version for students on showing their student ID, free of cost. The demo helps the customers to have an idea about the UXPin pricing and let them choose the plans according to their respective demands.


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UXPin Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 09, 2020

“The best of both worlds”

There is ample software out there, while some are good at design and others at creation. However, UXPin combines the best of both worlds and adopts an integrative and collaborative approach. In addition to that, they have attractive UXPin pricing for their products and services.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“On page transitions”

One of the features of UXPin that you can use frequently: linking of pages to create transitions between them in no time.
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