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WHITEHAT SECURITY INC in Application Security Solutions

  • San Jose, California, US
  • 2011
  • Below $10 MN
Company Overview

Features of the Security solutions - 

  1. Evolution -Security solutions provided by the whitehat are kept up to date with the development and change in the industry.
  2. Application Security - This is very important because if the applications are not secure then they are prone to misuse and once an application is hacked it becomes very difficult to retrieve it and fix the issues caused by the hacker. So it essential that applications are secured from the beginning and continuously.

Whitehat security inc. is exactly what its name suggests. Simply stating the purpose, the working of the whitehat company, we can say it provides the service of securing applications, protecting them against malicious attacks through which almost all the applications suffer from at least once. 

Whitehat has won many rewards for the application security it provides. The company is based in Santa Clara, California. But there are a number of regional offices established in Europe as well as all over the US.

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