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Revit Architecture
  • California, USA
  • 1982
  • $1BN to $5BN

Revit Architecture Pricing & Demo

Revit Architecture Overview

Revit Architecture Software is an architectural design and documentation software program used by architects and engineers for managing building design and detailing the model. Revit Architecture Software creates elements that consist of information designers can stipulate in different views. If any data changes in one set of elements, it gets updated in all the other elements set automatically by Revit. Revit integrates with other modelling software to help designers design interconnected data within a model.

Revit Pricing

Revit Pricing ranges from a monthly $280- $6075 for three years. There is also a free trial provided for a limited period of time and then the user can opt for a plan depending on the Revit Pricing and the benefits given in the packages. For more details on Revit pricing plans, please contact the vendor.

Revit Demo

There are slideshow and videos on Google and Slideshare that explain the features of the architectural software, what BIM is and how the software works.


Conceptual design tools
  • Creates masses to explore ideas and perform early analyses. As the design matures it helps manipulate these forms for detailed architecture. 
  • Creates more detailed architecture by applying walls, roofs, floors, and curtain systems.
Impactful Presentation
  • It allows expressing and sharing ideas with clients and collaborators as it is more effective instead of flat images.
  • Organizes projects effectively. with just one-click 3D modelling feature turns user designs into a more impressive visualization.
Helpful Documentation
  • Capable of assisting users in creating attractive looking designs, Revit offers a helpful tool for generating documentation for the generated models. 
  • It allows easy identification of required information for building the specifications of the projects important to users.
Enhanced Collaboration
  • Supports file types that are most commonly used in the field such as DGN, IFC, and DWG. 
  • Supports multiple contributors for a single project, a functionality that allows all involved parties to have access to the required files for all the work processes. 


Revit Architecture USP

Revit Architecture Software comprises several toolsets for MEP and structural engineering, construction, and architectural design. Through this software, ideas can be effectively expressed and shared with colleagues and project owners since it is equipped with the right tools to build strong 3D visuals. In the Revit pricing plan we can also export, import, and link the user’s data using the widely used file formats in the industry.

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Revit Architecture Reviews

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General Manager, Company Name Classified
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The best part about using Revit is that it gives attention to each and every element individually by maximizing and minimizing the features of the software.
Chief Product Officer,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Officer, Company Name Classified
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“3D Model Miniatures and Effective Collaboration"

Revit is a great software/tool to use to help present to the client their project in 3D. It also boosts collaboration between members of a team.

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