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Draft it USP

Draft it Architecture Software is the leading home and office CAD software. It’s a 2D CAD application suitable to create, print, and save your own drawings and designs. Identically an individual will snap to endpoints and intersection, etc. where the software identifies the types of snap as the cursor scrolls through it. Request Draft it Pricing to get more information.


DRAFT IT Architecture Software is simple and easy to use 2D CAD system which is suitable for all users. It can be used at the house or at the office. It helps to create, print, and save individual designs and drawings. While drawing in the system it facilitates to display dynamic dimensions so that an individual can visually check distance or type in sizes directly.

Draft it Pricing

Draft it Pricing drafts its architectural software pricing plans very effectively. The software is available in three paid versions and a free version is also offered. It gives a free trial and the Draft it Pricing segments are in the following form:

  1. Free- supports various metric and imperial units
  2. Plus- $20,one-time payment bestowed with layer management
  3. Pro- $99, a one-time payment which imports auto AutoCAD and DXF file
  4. Architectural- $199, a one-time payment which automates 3D model viewer 

Draft it Demo

It is CAD software that provides a demo but to avail the demo, an individual customer has to fill in the details and the team will contact the interested user. An individual can use the free version forever and trial the three other paid versions for a full 15 days after installation.


Automatic 3D Model Viewer
  • View and rotate the 3D model from the plan
  • Execute the action with a mouse by zooming and panning
Wall drawing functions
  • Create walls in varied styles
  • Facilitate easy to draw wall drawing function
  • Integrate hundreds of pre-drawn symbols
Layer management
  • Manage and create drawing layers 
  • Select and edit multiple purge unused, groups and search function
Additional drawing tools 
  • Fosters many tools like a polyline, curve fit, polygon, and ellipse
  • Supports various metric and imperial units



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Draft it
86 Buyers Negotiating
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Draft it Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 24, 2020

“Bespoke system”

DRAFT IT completely changes the interface to suit the needs of an individual. It’s a typical looking CAD system and functions well with features specially written for unique requirements.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 24, 2020

“Low cost and high grade”

The investment is low but it provides a high grade of output. It has no limitation, it’s completely free, and there are no adverts or pop up notifications.
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