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Cedreo Pricing & Demo

Cedreo Overview

Cedreo Architecture Software is an online 3D architectural home design software for home builders and professionals. It helps to design and draw 2D and 3D floor plans and customize indoor ambiance with ease. Designing solutions for complicated structures can be visualized by 3D rendering with better isometric views, for placements of furniture, and other house products.

Cedreo Pricing

Cedreo Pricing starts from $75 per month. The Cedreo Pricing has two variants, which are:

  1. CeCedreo Pricing Pro: $79 per month
  2. Cedreo Pricing Enterprise: register the website for information regarding the price

Cedreo demo

Cedreo Architecture Software provides a 30-day free trial. For further information regarding the product features, the website blog can be accessed by the users.


3D home interior decoration
  • Visualize the house design with a 3D rendering of the interior with ease.
  • Change editing plans in real-time to reduce the loss of time and increase productivity.
Draw floor plans
  • Draw 2D floor plans intuitively while adapting to past project data.
  • Provision of an extensive inbuilt library with numerous wall openings and design features to choose from.
  • Reduction of time spent on floor drafting with proper tools by creating mirror plans with just one click.
Create home decorations
  • Provides 7000+ customizable 3D furniture, objects, and surface coverings for a better ambiance in the interior.
  • Updated product library which consists of every product along with a 3D feature for real-time visualization.
Multi-client work
  • Saves time by the management of all projects under one software.
  • Sharing and reusing of old and new floor plans with the team members and the clients is easy and simple.

Cedreo USP

Cedreo Architecture Software provides realistic preliminary design in just a matter of a few minutes which includes all the necessary features for commercial purposes ranging from 2D plans to realistic projections. The software ensures the entire process, from home plan to client project presentation to be autonomous which reduces the amount of time taken. It helps clients to visualize the design with the help of 3D rendering of the project with ease. The 24/7 customer service provides real-time immediate support during a technicality to increase work efficiency.

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Cedreo Reviews

Vice President - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Vice President - Marketing, Company Name Classified
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“Increased efficiency of the preliminary draft"

The drafts can be copied and posted by the sales teams for the clients to reduce the workload and time taken by the sales team to complete the task.
Business Analyst,Company Name Classified
Business Analyst, Company Name Classified
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“Better visualization helps"

Better visualization for the client helps with the process of sale through 2D and 3D rendering. Convenient pricing options available.

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