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pCon Planner USP

pCon Planner architecture software is an interior designing software that allows the designers in real-time designing of plots with proper floor plans and integrated features like a chimney, pipeline, and many more. The software also lets the clients comprehend the concepts and ideas of the company.

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pCon Planner architecture software is an interior designing software that creates prototypes of 3D rooms and pipeline, electricity, and furnishing concepts. The prototypes are sent to the clients and in return architectural renders are generated. The software offers services like Space Management, Floor planning and mapping, Design Management, and many more. This software comes with cloud storage, allowing users to save and share their designs.

pCon Planner Pricing

pCon Planner Pricing ranges from €1168.20 to €4425. The pCon Planner Pricing segments are as follows

  1. pCon Planner architecture software Pro (Single user) - €1168.20
  2. Network License - €1460.25
  3. VR Version Single User - €3540
  4. VR Version License - €4425

pCon Planner Demo

It offers its customers a demo version with 30 days of a free trial. The user can use this trial version to plan design but is restricted to 2D Modelling. The demo version does not offer a 3D Modelling feature.


Media Content
  • It allows the users to add a logo to animations and images and add spherical panoramas as the background of the images.
  • Delivers prototypes which are realistic graphic products that can be further used in processing at later stages of designing.
 Architectural Designing
  • Facilitates the user in including elements like pipework, radiators, and more in the prototype, for an even more realistic outcome.
  • Segregates the rooms in the Floor planning design using features like Room Splitter and Room Stamp.
Persistency and Embedded Features
  • Allows importing and saving of DWG and DWT files, and converts older DWG format files to the latest format.
  • It contains embedded templates that help the user in planning and designing, and at the same time lets the user create their own template which gets stored with the in-built templates.
Presentation Tools
  • Widens the clarity of the clients as the designs made by the architects become easy to comprehend.
  • It allows the designers and architects to depict their ideas and concepts with ease.


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pCon Planner
79 Buyers Negotiating
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pCon Planner Reviews


James Smith

Apr 24, 2020

“User-Friendly Software”

The software has a very basic outlay which makes it easy even for a novice architect to design 3D prototypes well. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 24, 2020


The software lets the user store all designs and prototypes on cloud storage and lets them share it with their clients on cross platforms.
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