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Modo Pricing & Demo

Modo Overview

Modo Architecture Software is a 3D modelling, texturing, and rendering toolset that helps artists work on their creative ideas by dodging technical hindrances. This architecture software provides a completely new dimension to Markup animation, critique designs, Boolean Embossing, smarter topology workflow with Xray, continued mPath improvements, and much more. It offers a range of plugins and partner products for 3D content creation that helps explore new creative possibilities.

Modo Pricing

Modo Pricing is different for individuals, education, businesses, and enterprises. The Modo Pricing for individuals is as follows:

  1. Maintenance- 419 dollars/ year
  2. Subscription- 629 dollars/ year
  3. Perpetual- 1888 dollars only

A 30-day free trial is also available. 

Modo Demo

Modo Architecture Software allows free trial for interested users on its website. The trial is for 30 days and the users can subscribe anytime. The user has to create an account on the official website by giving personal details.



Industry’s fastest modelling tools and custom fit for workflow
  • It offers fast and direct modeling, MeshFusion Boolean toolset, integrated sculpting tools, and other tools.
  • Build special tools by combining different operations.
Sandbox and Add ons
  • Focus on creation and not construction using artist-friendly toolset like creating detailed forms and roughing out volumes for seamless designing.
  • Acquire add on tools like MatPak for coatings, V-Ray Next, and Browzwear.
Faster iterations
  • Visualize the designs during development using advanced photorealistic viewports and WYSIWYG lightning tool look-dev.
  • Save time by seeing the potential of designs in advance.
Out- of- the- box value
  • Hold unlimited network rendering capabilities.
  • Own a diverse set of tools like sculpting, texturing, painting, and photorealistic rendering in a single package.
Perfect fit for pipeline
  • Support industry-accepted formats like OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB, and Alembic.
  • Adjust with a pipeline using Python, C++ APIs, and fully customizable UI.


Modo USP

Modo Architecture Software is licensed under Foundry. It gives a platform for professionals as well as beginner-level artists to design and bring their artwork to life. It has a diverse set of tools and a range of features such as modeling, UV workflows, sculpting, shading, animation, and effects.

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Modo Reviews

Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified

“Custom-fit for workflow"

Modo makes a custom fit for the workflow with its diverse set of operations that can be combined as per the user to make customized tool kits.
General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Creation instead of construction"

Modo helps save clients’ time by aiding in the visualization process through a comprehensive design toolkit that does not require sketching.

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