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VisualAnalysis USP

VisualAnalysis Architecture Software simple and the user-friendly interface take only an hour to learn all the features. It offers customized reports and analyses of every project are generated easily. The software designs and checks all the load calculations to provide betters insight during the project duration. It offers 3D modelling of any structure that helps in more productive and detailed work. Building design codes installed in the software help with referencing and avoiding mistakes during a project. Request VisualAnalysis Pricing to get more information.


VisualAnalysis Architecture Software is a software with an easy interface for analysis of general-purpose frame and finite elements. Designing and creating frames and truss of FEA models is simple and hassle-free. Distribution of complex load, gravity, and lateral loading during the design phase can be performed easily along with proven and validated results. The software provides filters, sorting, and a page previews review.

VisualAnalysis Pricing

VisualAnalysis pricing ranges from $540 to $2130 on a yearly basis. VisualAnalysis Pricing depends on two main variants:

  1. Quick suite: $540 per year
  2. Building suite: $2130 per year

VisualAnalysis demo

VisualAnalysis Architecture Software provides a free trial by registering on the website. Video tutorials and articles regarding the product features are provided on the website for a better understanding of the software. 


VisualAnalysis shape builder
  • Create and design custom shapes in order to obtain section properties for design and analysis of the stress distribution.
  • Create certain shapes from the shape data feature, which can build models with member elements with the help of custom shapes.
STAAD files
  • Import or open STAAD(.std) files for a new project.
  • Export pseudo-STAAD files that require editing before visual analysis and importing.
Windows clipboard
  • Merge project geometry and information regarding the connectivity from one visual analysis project to another with ease.
  • It provides mathematical capabilities of a spreadsheet to edit and manipulate nodal coordinates for complex and difficult geometric data.
Model analysis
  • Create and design Frame, truss, and finite element analysis for any structure.
  • Provides proven and validated results for fast static, P-delta, AISC direct, and nonlinear designs.


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VisualAnalysis Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“3D modeling provides better insights”

Compatible 3d modeling with any file type helps in projects for efficient data reports.
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Buyer, Energy and Utilities, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“Result superposition makes life easy”

Superposition of edited and correct results in the old results is made easy with the help of envelope result sets.
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