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SoftPlan USP

Softplan Architecture Software is a computer-aided architectural designing application that lets the architect design a house in real-time. The software also bridges the gap of understanding between the company and its clients with easy to learn and use interface and brilliant presentation tools, which explains everything in detail. Request SoftPlan Pricing to get more information.


Softplan Architecture Software is a computer-aided architectural designing application that enables architects, designers, builders in creating residential designs, cost estimate reports which pace up and eases the process of creating and managing designs of homes. The software has an easy to learn and use interface and has plenty of in-built features that allow designers to create an infinite amount of home designs.

Softplan Pricing

The software can be acquired by the user either by subscribing or by purchasing it. The Softplan Pricing subscription charge is $95 per month which includes Softplan with other services like SoftList, SoftTalk, and reView.

The purchasing Softplan Pricing segments are:

  1. Softplan - $2585 or $235/per month.
  2. Softplan with SoftList - $3185 or $285/per month.
  3. Softplan with SoftList and reView - $3385 or $300/per month.

Softplan Demo

Softplan Architecture Software offers a trial demo to the users, with the trial period being from 30-60 days, the user can design houses and buildings in real-time, getting access to some in-built features, but not all.


Building Information Modelling
  • Facilitates the user to use the plethora of existing features and insight, to effectively design and plan buildings and infrastructure
  • Allows optimum and intelligent utilization of the resources and workflows to increase profitability and productivity
Client Management
  • Strengthens the ties between the company and its customer base by acknowledging and responding to the queries of the later, by the former
  • Keeping a close watch over the needs of the clients and having targeted conversations with the client about the needs
Presentation Tool
  • Widens the clarity of the clients as the designs made by the architects become easy to comprehend
  • Allows the designers and architects to depict their ideas and concepts with ease
2D Drawing and Modelling 
  • Projects the dimension of the construction with several layout structures of pipelines, electricity, ventilators and many more
  • Faster architectural services with detailed referencing that suits the budget



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SoftPlan Reviews


James Smith

Apr 24, 2020


The software creates 3D images which appear realistic and gives an idea about the end product, and common materials and details assemble easily.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 24, 2020

“Easy to learn and Use Interface”

The commands are simple and it is easy to sketch floor plans which can be set to dimensional accuracy. Convenient pricing options available.
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