IBM CORPORATION in Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

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IBM Watson’s Intelligent Asset and Equipment Solutions improves the reliability and performance of machines in the manufacturing plant through better visibility, predictability, and operational efficiency. IBM Plant Performance Analytics predicts equipment failure, prescribes remedial procedures, and optimizes maintenance schedules to minimize the impact on the overall equipment effectiveness. IBM Prescriptive Maintenance on Cloud gets a prediction of machine performance issues, percentage probabilities of occurrence, probable time to occurrence, probable time to recover, and root causes.

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IBM Corporation is an integrated information technology company engaged in offering consulting and IT implementation services, cloud, and cognitive offerings, enterprise systems, and software and financing solutions. IBM Corporation has designed a new neuro-synaptic chip with a brain-inspired computer architecture known as Brain Power. This chip consumes only 70 mW during real-time operation. This chip is used in AI and cognitive computing applications. The company has developed another hardware “TrueNorth”, which is a brain-like microprocessor used for inference work in Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). The chip provides advanced technology in image recognition and can accurately classify image data. The hardware can be deployed in mobile computing, IoT, robotics, autonomous cars, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). IBM Watson IoT is an AI-based analytics platform that provides predictive maintenance in a manufacturing plant. Owing to the digitization of factories, the data volume would grow, and computing would become more cognitive to properly process, analyze, and optimize the information.

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