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INTEL AI in Manufacturing

  • California, USA
  • 1968
  • $50BN to $100BN
Company Overview
Intel Corporation has developed a wide range of AI hardware and platform, which includes Intel Xeon processor, Intel Xeon Phi Processor, Intel Xeon Phi E5 processor, Stratix FPGA, Arria FPGA, Max FPGA, Cyclone FPGA, Enpirion FPGA, Neon platform, Nervana Cloud, Nervana Engine, and Saffron platform. The Xeon Processor E5 family provides an increase in capacity and performance to accommodate high-volume data, which is generated during the manufacturing process. The company’s FPGAs are used for faster data calculation to provide artificial intelligence, especially in manufacturing.

The company has designed Deep Learning Inference Accelerator (DLIA), integrated hardware, software frameworks, and libraries such as Intel Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (MKL-DNN) and Caffe, which simplifies the neural-network acceleration for image processing applications.

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