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NVIDIA Corporation is one of the leading providers of deep learning hardware. The company also provides AI platforms, which is used in manufacturing plant. NVIDIA Corporation has designed an AI supercomputer—NVIDIA DGX Station for easy experimentation at the office, lab, or workspace. This integrated hardware and software solution helps the user to research more on deep learning for various purposes in manufacturing. This solution reduces both the expenditure and time, as well as has a computing capacity of four server racks. In addition the company’s continuous technological advancements have resulted in its very high rating. Request NVIDIA CORPORATION Pricing to get more information.


NVIDIA Corporation has designed a GPU and end-to-end deep learning AI platform, which is used in material movement, machinery inspection, predictive maintenance, product designing, and precision tools. The NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) is used for Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) training in image classification, segmentation, and object detection tasks. This system trains the neural networks to classify images and regions. For instance, cracks in a machine can be detected easily through this interactive deep learning GPU training system. The company offers another AI product known as “NVIDIA DGX-1”, which is a deep learning platform with fully integrated hardware and software used for image classification, segmentation, and object detection. Moreover, the company has developed another deep learning and intelligent device known as “NVIDIA Jetson”, which provides high performance, low energy computing in the manufacturing sector. This device is used for various purposes such as production flow, assembly, maintenance, inspection, and transportation.

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