SIEMENS Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Bavaria, Germany
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Siemens AG offers Intelligent Data Analysis, a machine learning technology that is used to optimize industrial facilities. This technology is also used in energy distribution, electric motors, and rail technology. Moreover, the company’s AI-based technology improves the operation of wind turbines by adjusting the position of the rotors to change the direction of the wind to get the highest amount of yield from a wind farm. The company’s industrial operating system “MindSphere” provides intelligent data analysis with regard to predictive maintenance. Request SIEMENS AG Pricing to get more information.


Siemens AG is offering AI-based customized solutions for the autonomous optimization of gas turbines, monitoring of smart grids, predictive maintenance of industrial facilities, and harbors. The AI-based system can significantly reduce the emission of toxic nitrogen oxides without affecting the performance of the turbine or shortening its service life. These solutions boost the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing equipment. The software’s ability to analyze operating data and sensor measurements allows it to spot anomalies in facilities and automation systems. Furthermore, Siemens AG provides smart boxes, which contain sensors and a communications interface for data transfer. By analyzing the data, the artificial intelligence systems can draw conclusions on the machine’s condition and detect irregularities in order to provide predictive maintenance. This system also improves the reliability of power grids by making them smarter and providing the devices that control and monitor electrical networks with artificial intelligence. This enables the devices to classify and localize disruptions in the grid.Siemens AG developed a Simulation Environment for Neural Networks (SENN), which helps in predictive analysis. The company has developed another AI-based system called Gas Turbine Autonomous Control Optimizer or GT-ACO, which is used to optimize the operations and control the combustion in gas turbines. Siemens AG has also developed a Quadcopter, called Flying Inspector, which is eventually an unmanned vehicle driven by a small engine block with a high-resolution camera and laser technology that scans the walls, machines, and other architectural structures. The machine collects the data and creates precise 3D models. The inbuilt AI technology in the machine detects the defects, faults where human inspection is difficult due to factors such as position, heat, and chemicals. Moreover, Siemens AG has developed driverless intelligent forklifts, which is used for material movement in the manufacturing industry. The company’s wide range of customized solutions for the AI in manufacturing market caters to various industries such as energy and power, chemicals and automotive.

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