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GOOGLE INC in Artificial Intelligence in Retail


Google has open-sourced its library TensorFlow and launched Cloud Machine Learning products that include pre-trained models such as Google Cloud Translation API, Cloud Speech API, and Cloud Vision API. Another offering Cloud Bigtable Schema Design for Time Series Data, is designed to find trends in data, as well as decision-making process by providing historical data. The offering underpin the analysis of vast data in the retail sector to understand the various aspects of retail business such as customer demand, inventory management, and shopping trends.


Google showcases strong AI product portfolio that can cater to various demands of the retail industry. AI offerings are clubbed under Google.ai that includes applied AI, tools, and research.Google offers Google Cloud Platform to recognize trends in large datasets from diverse sources, effective and secure consumption models, and archive a large amount of sensitive data.Google launched AllO smart messaging app for eCommerce application. The AIIO functions uses deep learning technology for various applications such as NLP and voice recognition

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