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  • 2018
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INFOSYS LIMITED in Artificial Intelligence in Retail


Infosys helps retailers better understand shoppers’ behavior and uncover business opportunities to drive footfalls as well as web traffic. Their cross-channel platforms enable brick-and-mortar retail stores and hybrid retailers to not only engage shoppers at the moment of truth, but also influence purchase decisions. Infosys retail ecosystem enhances the customer experience and maximizes share of wallet. Significantly, it streamlines operations across your enterprise and supply chain.

Infosys offerings for the retail industry are based on three principles:

  • Artificial Intelligence powered core: Creates ‘stores of the future’ by aligning core processes with the ‘consumer genome’ and enables intelligent automation of business functions
  • Agile digital at scale: Develops a lean enterprise with cloud-based data analytics, omnichannel enterprise solutions, microservices platforms, DevOps, and APIs
  • Always on learning: Drives innovation and maximizes the adoption of technology solutions such as intelligent signage, blockchain, and automated business assurance


Infosys commissioned independent research to investigate the approach and attitudes that senior decision makers in large organizations. The adoption and use of AI technology represent an exciting leap forward for many in the retail sector. Infosys is helping the retail sector to drive customer-facing aspects of businesses as well as automate the increasing merchandized and growing supply chain backend that enables web-based sales and physical retail supply. Retailers use data analytics to inform decisions and recommendation using AI algorithms and previously unrealized data asset value. Infosys partners with retail enterprises to redefine customer experience, renew processes, and amplify the technology. Infosys digital ecosystem enables retailers to better serve customers online and in-store.

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