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MicroStrategy helps in leveraging centralized platform architecture, organizations can easily deploy governed analytics applications that preserve data integrity and accuracy, while still offering flexibility through advanced data blending capabilities. MicroStrategy gives administrators the tools they need to successfully manage and automate the BI lifecycle. It's easy to migrate applications, validate data quality, and monitor usage in real time, ensuring that your organization’s mission-critical applications are always up and running.

MicroStrategy mobile apps arm sales associates with a complete catalog of information on customers, products, and promotions to ensure consistent and informed customer service. Their platform integrates with all CRM, product, and promotional systems, enabling retail associates to provide an omnichannel, personalized shopping experience to their customers.  The powerful apps empower retailers to transform the shopping experience in their stores, leading to improved customer loyalty, more omnichannel customers, increased customer conversion rates, and a stronger competitive advantage. MicroStrategy distribution center operation apps lead to higher supervisor productivity, increased adherence to policies and procedures, streamlined operations, and improved employee engagement through side-by-side supervision.


MicroStrategy introduces additional ways to turn insight into impact. It helps in blending and analyzing all data and leverage third-party systems and existing investments. It helps in deploying powerful applications at scale and deliver a single version of the truth across the organization. MicroStrategy delivers the tools that developers, architects, and administrators need to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an analytics deployment from creating the object-oriented infrastructure to building and distributing world-class intelligence applications, to monitoring and managing the full life cycle of any project. With the broadest range of reusable objects, combined with a highly scalable in-memory architecture, MicroStrategy makes it easy to deliver personalized analytics to thousands of users across the enterprise with just a small team.

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