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  • 1997
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TIBCO SOFTWARE INC in Artificial Intelligence in Retail


Tibco uses historical data and predictive analytics and builds models to detect high risk and fraud. Augment visually intuitive dashboards with sophisticated AI models unlocks hidden relationships and patterns and easily share them. Tibco Spotfire is the most complete analytics solution in the market and makes it fast and easy for everyone to visualize new discoveries in data. Some of the capabilities:

  • Smart Visual Analytics
  • Intelligent Data Wrangling
  • Built- in Predictive Analytics
  • Unparalleled Location Analytics
  • Real time Streaming Analytics
  • Flexibility and Scale


Tibco’s augmented visually intuitive dashboards has sophisticated AI models which unlocks hidden relationship and patterns. Spotfire is the fastest analytics tool for getting insights from customers data. With TIBCO Spotfire, retail marketers and data scientists use sophisticated sets of historical data to identify actionable insights and build models that predict customers behavior, preference, and potential over time. Spotfire Data Streams continually pushes new data to Spotfire for real-time analysis. It uses customers past data to create a unique personalized experience for customers. Spotfire delivers numerous capabilities at-scale, including visual analytics, data wrangling, predictive analytics, location analytics, and streaming analytics.

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