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WIPRO LIMITED in Artificial Intelligence in Retail


  • Wipro’s Product Enrichment Engine (PEE) derives product attributes from unstructured data like ratings, tags, and reviews. This granular data becomes a powerful engine that drives personalization, insights, and foresight for business users; helps take decisions based on customer preferences, and measures predict and influences key drives for store performance optimization
  • Wipro's optimization solutions based on the HOLMESTM platform empower retailers to optimize the business and IT operations, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced cost and better.
  • Wipro’s ProdIG-e platform provides tools and services to retail clients that ensure the highest quality of product data. The data, from different sources and diverse suppliers, is customized for Omni-channel requirements, enabling quicker time-to-market.
  • Wipro uses specialized smart signage, electronic shelf labeling, intelligent vending machines, proximity-based engagement technologies and a vast array of payment solutions to identify and target customers with personalized experiences.
  • Wipro has segmented the market into Drugstore and convenience, food and fresh retailing and specialty and non- store.


Wipro enables process and technology transformation and provides innovation ecosystem that allows retailers to experience new technology and business paradigms. Many of the top retailers across the world leverage Wipro’s technological and retail expertise to gain agility and reimagine shopping journeys deploying our capabilities in design thinking, analytics, system integration, product engineering, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and business support. Wipro provides retail clients with the ability to initiate and maintain meaningful real-time conversations with end customers. Wipro's solutions leverage user-centric design, hyper-personalization, and associate centric tools. Its solutions enable business processes and underlying systems to enable dynamic pricing and promotions, analytics and cybersecurity.

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