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Teneo is a SaaS Platform for Conversational AI. The platform enables individuals to have intelligent, human-like conversations with electronic device applications and services.

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Artificial Solutions is a worldwide technology firm that specializes in conversational AI technology. It focuses on enterprise conversational AI platforms. In the conversational AI space, the company created the Teneo platform and patent technology, which includes an intelligent framework for allowing chatbots to seamlessly engage with one another. The company provides a highly interactive conversational AI betting solution that engages customers over any channel, device, service, and language. It uses linguistic and machine learning techniques for maximum performance on any platform.


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Free Trial for 3 months - Free Subscription per Developer

Pro plan is priced at €500 $566.62 per month per developer

Enterprise plan price is based on Developer Seat Subscription


Teneo is a global enterprise-focused conversational AI platform. The platform enables business users and developers to work together to create conversational apps that work across 86 languages, platforms, and channels.

Teneo also incorporates data analytics to assist businesses in making sense of complicated conversational data in real-time while remaining compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

The Teneo platform enables corporate users and developers to collaborate and build a variety of advanced conversational AI applications that automate the customer journey while enhancing engagement through humanlike, intelligent dialogue.

Intelligent AI chatbots that respond to requests more quickly. Virtual assistants that provide assistance to users while also improving the customer experience. Human-like computer assistants that boost online sales and help you stand out. Voice interfaces using artificial intelligence can boost staff productivity and efficiency. All of this and more can be easily accomplished with Artificial Solutions' Teneo conversational AI platform.

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Artificial Solutions Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Artificial Solutions has grown during the past few years due to the expansion of patented technologies to new markets, such as automobile, energy, entertainment, financial, and telecom sectors, and multiple strategic partnerships. Recent funding raised by the firm is expected to be used for the expansion of Artificial Solutions’ award-winning conversational AI platform, Teneo. The company plans to include support for additional languages, new platforms, and expanding applications to cater various potential markets.
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