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BigML provides well-engineered Machine Learning algorithms that have been proved to solve problems using a single, consistent framework across the organization. It eliminates a project's reliance on a large number of independent libraries, which adds to the project's complexity, maintenance expenses, and technical debt. BigML provides a wide range of predictive applications in a variety of industries. It automatically changes resources to suit computing needs in a cost-effective manner while shielding end-users from infrastructure problems.

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BigML is a cloud-based Machine Learning solution that is simple to use, seamless to integrate, and immediately actionable. Everyone can now use data to make decisions in their applications. BigML can handle both little and large amounts of data. BigML offers a set of rigorously developed Machine Learning algorithms that have been proven to solve real-world problems using a single, standardized framework across your organization. Avoid relying on a slew of different libraries, which adds to your project's complexity, maintenance expenses, and technical debt. BigML enables limitless predictive applications in areas such as aerospace, automotive, energy, entertainment, financial services, food, healthcare, Internet of Things, pharmaceuticals, transportation, telecommunications, and more.


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BigML Subscription plans -

Standard PRIME is priced at $30 per month

Boosted PRIME is priced at $150 per month

Pro PRIME is priced at $300 per month

Bronze PRIME is priced at $2,500 per month

Silver PRIME is priced at $5,000 per month

Gold PRIME is priced at $7,500 per month

Platinum PRIME is priced at $10,000 per month

*For Private deployments, Extra support and customized assistance, personalized training, and BigML Certifications pricing plans, get in touch with the vendor and find the right solutions to fit your needs.


Immediate Access - Instant Machine Learning in the cloud or on-premises. It starts the Machine Learning project by simply signing up with email. No sales demos, credit cards, or long-term contracts are required.

Interpretable & Exportable Models - Predictive models on BigML come with interactive visualization and explainability features that make them interpretable. They can be exported and used to serve local, offline predictions on any edge computing device or be instantaneously deployed as part of distributed real-time production applications.

Collaboration - BigML is a transparent, collaborative platform for all members of the organization, from analysts and developers to engineers and executives. It can share Machine Learning resources using granular team and project management capabilities.

Automation - It rapidly brings predictive modeling tasks to production through effective automation. BigML turns the difficult, time-consuming work of hand-tuning models or executing complex workflows into one-click menu options or single API calls.

Flexible Deployments - BigML has options for multi-tenant and single-tenant versions on the cloud or on-premises. BigML can be ported to any cloud provider or to a Virtual Private Cloud, with fully-managed and self-managed versions.

Security & Privacy - BigML provides users with a private Dashboard where all resources are created on it or via BigML’s API which is secure and private. All connections to BigML use HTTPS, ensuring the security of user data and communications. The BigML Team does not have access to any data in the system unless the user provides explicit consent.

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BIGML Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Proving the statement, Machine Learning made beautifully simple for everyone, BIGML has been on the path of consistent growth since its inception. Serving as an open platform for machine learning, it helps both, individuals and businesses. The first version of BigML only featured decision trees as part of a very simple workflow that supported file imports and the ability to make form-based single predictions. Over time, BigML has evolved to not only support more algorithms but also multiple options for the automation of workflows, all the while abstracting infrastructure layer concerns from the analytical end user in a scalable manner. The smaller, distributed yet highly devoted BigML team’s unadulterated, hype-free best practices approach to machine learning is especially attractive to companies that prioritize the cost-effective delivery of real-life custom machine learning solutions above all else. The firm focuses on machine learning education programs to expand its user base, targeting aspiring professionals start their learning journey in multiple modalities.
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