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HPE focuses on the launch of AI-enabled platforms, as seen by the fact that it just announced Investigate Analytics, a software solution that combines big data and AI technology to assist financial firms in spotting risk and fraudulent behaviors. By analyzing massive amounts of data, this solution aids in the detection of such frauds and hazards. Furthermore, the company introduced hardware, services, and software aimed at providing high-performance computing and AI technologies to aid scientific institutes and enterprises in generating insights from massive amounts of data. Furthermore, these solutions are geared toward assisting enterprises with security and economic concerns.

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The Haven OnDemand cloud platform from HPE is designed to assist developers in creating data apps. Haven OnDemand is a cloud-based platform that includes machine learning, APIs, and services. Image analysis, video analysis, speech analysis, audio recognition, and ad text recognition are among the APIs available. Aside from that, the firm provides a drag-and-drop graphical user interface to make coding easier and improve efficiency. HPE also offers an HPE Cognitive Computing Toolkit, which contains a GPU that is optimized for deep learning and cognitive computing.


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HPE C3 AI Suite is a set of services and capabilities that enables AI applications to be delivered faster than using other approaches. The C3 model-driven architecture, as well as a set of data integration, management, and processing capabilities, time-series services, AI and model management, and a security framework, all help data scientists and application developers offer AI at scale.

The C3 AI Appliance can be modified to enable one or more C3 AI apps as well as a subscription to the C3 Development Platform. The HPE C3 AI Appliance comes in three different flavors: standard, premium, and enterprise. The appliance comes pre-configured, optimized, and certified to operate the C3 AI Suite and C3 AI apps.

With a deployment architecture tailored for the C3 AI Suite and C3 Applications, HPE C3 AI Suite can help you achieve faster time-to-value. It uses infrastructure and technologies to connect business and extraprise data into the C3 AI Suite quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

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HPE Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
The company focuses on the launch of AI-enabled platforms, which is evident from the fact that, HPE unveiled a software solution, Investigate Analytics, which comprises big data and AI technologies, designed to help the financial firms with identifying risk and fraudulent behaviors. This offering was launched at the LegalTech conference in New York City to help identify such frauds and risks by analyzing large amounts of data. Moreover, the company launched hardware, services, and software in June 2017, which were designed to deliver high-performance computing and AI technologies. These hardware, services, and software also help scientific institutes and organizations in gaining insights into large amounts of data. Additionally, these solutions focus on helping organizations with the security and cost factors. HPE partnered with BASF SE. As a part of this partnership, HPE would help BASF SE develop supercomputers. HPE’s Apollo system would assist in creating and developing the modeling and simulation approach, so that BASF SE can find new opportunities in the process of simulation and complex modeling development during its research process.
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