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The IBM Watson package allows businesses to integrate AI into their applications while also assisting with cloud data management. It has the PowerAI platform, which has a variety of AI capabilities. These qualities negate the need for AI solutions to be developed. Furthermore, the PowerAI platform includes AI-rich features such as deep learning, allowing businesses to meet technological demands. Enterprises can use IBM Power Systems software in conjunction with the PowerAI platform to deploy PowerAI with deep learning capabilities for improved performance.

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IBM is a key player in the deep learning sector, investing much in the research and development of deep learning technology. Apart from that, IBM is a formidable competitor in the AI platform business. It provides platform services to a variety of industries, including educational institutions and developers, to help them better manage their business processes.


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IBM Watson Assistant monthly price starting at USD 140/month*


Natural Language Dialogue - IBM Watson has an extensive range of language processing techniques to have effective conversional partners. It needs a desktop, web browser, or mobile app to engage data and discover new insights and associations.

Simplified Analysis - IBM Watson rapidly understands what data wants to convey for using automation. The automation does all the challenging work so that it can spend less time analyzing data using new and unexpected insights to the business.

Accessible Advanced Analytics - IBM Watson offers quick access to data. It connects to data without any complex data preparation. It removes the time-consuming tasks and complexities and backs decisions with reliable data.

Automated Predictive Analytics - Watson offers an automated predictive analysis service that automatically surfaces the driving outcomes.

Trade-Off Analytics - IBM Watson helps businesses to make decisions by balancing multiple objectives. With the help of trade-off analytics, it can avoid unnecessary options and determine the right options from multiple objectives.

One-click Analysis - IBM Watson offers one-click analysis and data recovery with the use of automatic visualizations. It senses data discovery in one click.

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IBM Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
The company is focused on the development of AI platform technologies, which is evident from the fact that it has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. IBM is expected to have invested USD 240 million in the development of AI-related hardware, advancements in core algorithms, and software technologies. The company is a major player in the deep learning space, making its vital presence in the development and innovation of deep learning technologies. Apart from this, IBM is one of the strong players in the AI platform market. It offers its platform services to various industry sectors, such as educational institutes, and for developers to better manage their business process. For instance, the company has designed an AI-based platform, which runs on cloud and is widely used by various industries. For instance, it is used in the healthcare industry to fight against diseases; by the financial institutions for financial investment management; and by educational institutes to offer a better learning experience. Apart from that, to expand its AI platform, IBM included TensorFlow (a software library for ML) to its PowerAI for ML and deep learning framework, built on the architecture POWER 8.
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