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Netomi, formerly Artificial Intelligence responds quickly to issues that are repeatable while enabling human agents to focus on high-impact work. It ensures the best experience to customers whenever there is an issue, a question, or a need. It can collaborate with human agents to offer high-quality resolutions to customer queries on email, mobile, and chat.     

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AI for Brilliant Customer Service. provides companies with a convenient, intelligent way to facilitate the best customer interactions on email, chat, and mobile, by maximizing business capacity and ensuring high-quality resolutions through AI. It Integrates AI into existing desk software enabling humans + AI to work together. AI responds immediately to simple, repeatable issues while also acting as the first line of defense, clarifying and gathering information, before handing it over to a human. It fully integrates with complex business systems like CRM, OMS, and inventory management to create a single channel experience that resolves issues and closes tickets, not simply responds.


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Features understands customer intent better and faster than traditional AI

Deep learning natural language understanding (NLU): models similar dialogues to achieve high accuracy without accounting for every word or phrase

Natural conversations: uses proprietary algorithms for sentiment analysis, intent, and tone recognition to provide the optimal user experience

Multilingual: supports 30+ languages to connect with consumers across the globe

It takes effective resolution actions

Deep support learning helps AI select the most effective action that will resolve customer’s needs

Short and long-term memory recalls current and past conversations for every customer to provide the most helpful response

Contextual conversations take into account customer tone and sentiment, situational context, and external data to decide on the best action

Human-agent handoff hands complex and first-time issues over to a human agent within existing agent desk software, who responds within the same conversation thread

Anticipate needs: understands potential issues before customers reach out enabling the company to proactively engage and support

High aptitude for learning

Ongoing learning becomes more effective by experiencing more variations and scenarios, learning the way people do

Brand safety controls learn to handle more sophisticated conversations over time while always staying true to brand guidelines

Improves propensity recognition gets better at predicting propensity through customer behavior and feedback.

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MSGAI Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
MSG.AI is essentially a workforce multiplier. The firm’s offering empowers AI to respond immediately to the over 50% of the same repeatable customer issues while enabling human agents to focus on high-impact work. Firms growth depends on communication that digital is related to strategy of every company. Firms' clientele have a long range of various service and product firms.
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