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Oracle provides readymade AI cloud applications with intellectual features that drive better business outcomes. It offers a full suite of cloud services to build, deploy, and manage AI-powered solutions. It automates security patching, backups, and improve database query performance, which eliminates human error and repetitive manual tasks so organizations can focus on higher-value activities.

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Oracle’s ready-to-build AI platform gives data scientists and application developers a range of cloud services to easily build, train, deploy, and manage AI-powered solutions. With ready-to-work Oracle Autonomous Database platforms, machine learning is working behind the scenes to automate security patching and backups and optimize database query performance.


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Oracle Cloud Free Tier cloud services provide a number of always free services for an unlimited period of time. Always Free services are part of Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

30-day free trial service is charged at US$300 in free credits to use on all eligible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for up to 30 days. It can give access to a wide range of Oracle Cloud services including Databases, Analytics, Compute, and Container Engine for Kubernetes. The Free Trial services may be used until your US$300 of free credits are consumed or the 30 days have expired, whichever comes first.


AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Intent and Entity detection

Context-aware Deployment of bots to multiple channels, abstracting the differences

Multiple Natural Language Understanding (NLU) training models to predict user-intent from incoming Bot requests

Connect any channel to any backend system using industry standards such as REST and SOAP

Use JavaScript and Node.js to connect to highly scalable APIs and extend using popular open-source node.js modules

Employ built-in mobile services from the mobile core such as push notifications, location-based services, storage, offline & sync, and user management

Sophisticated usage and performance analytics with customizable dashboards providing Actionable Insights

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Oracle Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Oracle offers a complete portfolio of products, services, and differentiated capabilities that powers enterprises with artificial intelligence. For business users, Oracle offers ready-to-go AI-powered cloud applications with intelligent features that drive better business outcomes. The company’s approach is not just building discrete AI applications, but rather to embedding AI capabilities into the Oracle Cloud application, platform, and infrastructure services its customers use to run their businesses. Oracle aims at and delivers AI embedded services and products to help clients achieve their business goals.
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