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Rainbird is a platform for automated decision-making powered by artificial intelligence. It goes beyond simple decision-making rules engines and limited 'black box' machine learning that can't explain itself. By allowing semantic linkages between multiple Rainbird knowledge maps, the platform enables smarter decision-making. It allows for the 'joining up' of previously compartmentalized knowledge, resulting in a more holistic and strategic system capable of automating complicated decisions.

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The Rainbird platform employs AI-powered automation to improve your decision-making and client experiences. Rainbird improves the rate and quality of crucial decisions made by your most influential people in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. It improves productivity and customer satisfaction.


Users can refer to the company website for a demo https://rainbird.ai/demo-page/


Its pricing is not mentioned on the website. You can contact them through email or phone for an understanding of the functionalities of this tool. Its pricing varies based on your need, and you can call them for a quote.


Rainbird’s flexible rule engine can cope with uncertainty and missing data by ‘connecting the dots' to answer queries. It defines individual nuggets of knowledge as rules throughout Knowledge Map. The combination proficiently generates exceptionally nuanced models.

Rainbird offers an audit trail for every decision which is a key differentiator to machine learning. Rainbird’s audit trail makes it an ideal choice for regulated industries. It explains how every judgment has been reached, including its certainty and every factor that went into making that conclusion, as well as where it sourced the data it has assessed.

Rainbird artificial intelligence engine ensures that subsequent questions are considered in context, just like human interactions.

Rainbird Knowledge Maps can be rapidly connected to external data sources. It can reach out and grab the real-time data needed to feed into an automated decision-making process. It’s also simple to connect to any third-party API, enabling the model to seamlessly integrate with other third-party systems.

It can rapidly publish a chatbot that anyone can use to diagnose problems, obtain advice or solve problems. It can also embed a web agent in any website using a single line of code.

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Rainbird Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Unlike the majority of advanced, artificially intelligent solutions, Rainbird can be used by all business people – not just software engineers – to make complex decisions at scale. Through the Rainbird University, clients can learn to capture what they know and build systems that automatically make similar judgments. This will enable clients to delegate even the most challenging decisions to a system that is both, trackable and transparent.
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