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RapidMiner offers a complete solution on a single platform that supports the whole Machine Learning workflow, from data preparation to model deployment and ongoing model management. It is easy-to-understand and utilizes workflow designer speeds up end-to-end data science for increased productivity.

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RapidMiner's automated data science platform creates machine learning models that can scale quickly to meet corporate objectives, providing best-in-class customer experience, improving business outcomes, and outsmarting the competition.


The users can also click on the ‘Request Demo’ option on the website to get to see a demo of how the software works https://rapidminer.com/request-a-demo/


The users can request pricing for RapidMiner Enterprise Individuals based on the team’s specific needs.

RapidMiner Studio Enterprise - RapidMiner Studio Enterprise comes with a 30-day trial that offers unlimited data rows, enhanced performance, and full automation with Turbo Prep, Auto Model, and Model Ops.


RapidMiner creates robust machine learning models without writing code

It can choose from hundreds of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms

Implement a wide variety of ML techniques including regression, clustering, time-series, text analytics, and deep learning

Use both automated and manual feature engineering to improve model accuracy

Integrates with RapidMiner Auto Model to create models in 5 clicks using automated machine learning

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Rapidminer Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Rapidminer’s plans for growth are mostly about adding more capabilities to its applications which were launched recently. This is expected to enable the platform to incorporate data from multiple sources. Rapidminer plays on both, transactional and subscription relationships revolving around its various products. The firm stresses on the strategy of making its product usable for data scientists and data engineers to build and run predictive analytics without requiring expertise in writing applications, the Hadoop stack, or Spark. This enables the use of Rapidminer for a wide range of clients, from smaller firms to large enterprises.
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