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SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is a cutting-edge system that brings together sophisticated analytics, data preparation, visualization, model assessment, and model deployment in one place. It also accepts code written in major open source languages. This dependable, collaborative environment yields the necessary results, assisting in the improvement of organizational operations and the discovery of new growth chances.

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SAS incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into its software to provide more intelligent, automated solutions that help businesses increase efficiency and explore new opportunities. AI solutions enable a wide range of contexts and scales to suit evolving business needs, from machine learning to computer vision to natural language processing (NLP) to forecasting and optimization.


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From a single-user license or midsized business solution to enterprise analytics throughout your organization, SAS can provide software custom-tailored to meet your needs for growth and change. With the flexibility to be deployed on-site or on a hosted or public cloud. Request product information, demos, price quotes, and free software trials. A SAS representative is ready to answer your questions and get a complete understanding of your needs so you can receive detailed product information, a customized demo, or a price quote


SAS AI solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) into our software to give you smarter, automated solutions. It increases your creativity, opens up new opportunities, increases your productivity, and increases your impact.

Without being explicitly taught where to seek or what to conclude, SAS Machine Learning and Deep Learning uncover hidden insights in data. Comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature engineering capabilities are included in AI systems, resulting in better suggestions for faster, more intelligent decision-making.

SAS Natural Language Processing (NLP) facilitates human-machine comprehension, interaction, and communication.

SAS AI solutions leverage natural language processing (NLP) to extract key business insights and emerging patterns from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

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SAS Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Identifying and focusing on regions which are adapting machine learning and AI at higher rates has been the strategy for growth at SAS. SAS essentially covers a wide range of industries and helps firms at various levels for Aiand Machine learning adaptation. The growth of firms also depends on the increased adaptation of cloud platforms. SAS’ investment in risk management is paying off, as new sales in these regions grew by 35 percent – an indicator that more companies see value in creating a risk-aware culture to meet regulatory demands and anticipate the impact of their investments.
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