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Vital AI Development Kit (VDK) offers a suite of software to reorganize the flow of data across application architecture and integrate with analytical frameworks using the Vital Service API. The key tool is VitalSigns, which provides a consistent data model used by all software modules.

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Vital AI is an artificial intelligence company that provides AI as a Service. Using Haley Software Development Kit (SDK), an intelligent agent platform with various AI algorithms, they build AI applications that intelligently automate business processes for greater efficiency and create innovative communication for people, devices, and data. This suite of tools is capable of managing intelligent data models and deploying them across application architectures.


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Provides tools to reduce the amount of human labor required to build and maintain intelligent apps.

Ensures consistency across application architecture infrastructure component connection.

Provides modules and tools for data modelling, access to NoSQL data repositories, machine learning, natural language processing, and data serialization.

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Vital AI Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
Vital A.I. provides artificial intelligence software development tools and consulting services. The Vital Development Kit (VDK) addresses the largest source of cost when developing Intelligent Applications - the human labor of data integration - managing the flow of data across people, devices, databases, and data streams of algorithmic processing.
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