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Wipro is focusing on AI platform technology innovation and development, as evidenced by its partnership with Ramot, Tel Aviv University's (TAU) business engagement center, in July 2017. The collaboration was centered on AI research, which is constantly evolving. Furthermore, Wipro has made investments in AI platform technologies through the Horizon Program (an intrapreneurship program). Apart from that, the company is concentrating on its AI investments in order to differentiate itself in the IT services market. It also launched the SAP software automation solution, which automates corporate activities using SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Wipro's AI platform, HOLMES, is integrated into the automation service. Request Wipro Pricing to get more information.


Wipro provides cognitive computing, analytics, and robotics solutions to a variety of industries. Wipro HOLMES, the company's AI platform, is aimed at laying the groundwork for cognitive process automation, knowledge virtualization, predictive systems, digital virtual assistants, robotics, drones, as well as digital virtual agents. The platform includes technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, semantic ontologies, deep learning, genetic algorithms, knowledge modelling, and pattern recognition that reduce costs and increase experience, efficiency, and automation. The solution learns from new data to deliver failure information as well as to suggest failures.

Furthermore, it was created with the goal of assisting IT and business process areas in providing process automation and speeding up their business processes. Furthermore, the HOLMES platform provides advantages such as cognitive support to boost productivity and automation to boost speed and competitiveness. The company has also developed the Enterprise Know Your Customer (E-KYC) solution, which is built on Wipro's HOLMES AI platform. The system is designed to provide an automated, efficient, and compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) approach. Furthermore, HOLMES cloud BOT, the company's cloud bot, has a chat interface built using NLP that allows interaction with stakeholders. HOLMES, Wipro's AI platform, powers the bot.


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Wipro's AI Solutions help businesses convert into intelligent companies by deploying dependable AI across business functions, backed by actionable insights, and powered by curated data.

Wipro Holmes' AI-powered customizable solutions enable business leaders in the C-suite and across every major industry to produce new or improved products or services by leveraging trusted augmented intelligence.

Wipro's AI platform enables you to rethink operations, accelerate growth, and stay ahead of the curve. It empowers corporate users to create and deploy AI solutions in a reliable, scalable, and secure environment.

Wipro's augmented intelligence capabilities combine to help you make smarter, human-centric decisions that are data-driven, effective, accountable, and synchronized with your business.

Clients of Wipro HOLMESTM automate processes, rethink operations, and redesign customer journeys. Its vast ecosystem of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) partners seamlessly integrate and support a wide range of third-party solutions.

Wipro's exclusive simplification by DesignTM strategy combines smart automation, data analytics, and service innovation to help our clients accelerate their automation journeys.

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Wipro Presence in Artificial Intelligence Platform
The company is focused on the innovation and development of AI platform technologies, which is evident from the fact that it partnered with Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) business engagement center, Ramot, in July 2017. The partnership focused on the research of the continuously developing AI technologies. Moreover, Wipro has made investments through the Horizon Program (intrapreneurship program) to nurture AI platform technologies in the organization. Apart from that, the company is focused on its investment in AI technologies for achieving a differentiation in IT services business. Additionally, it launched the automation service for SAP software to automate the business processes that run on SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The automation service includes the capabilities of Wipro’s AI platform, HOLMES.
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