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Aiden Artificial Intelligence Software is a new age and recent developments in the areas of undies command for paid acquisition and also AI-based recommendations platform. It is used by different businesses for optimizing marketing campaigns for different channels like online and offline media. Aiden Artificial Intelligence Software can push improvements through one single click. It also enriches business by providing AI analytics for giving budget assistance to marketers.

Aiden Pricing

The value of Aiden Pricing has not given a second thought or availability of free versions.

  • Monthly basis- It costs $300 per month.

Aiden Pricing has a reasonable pocket pinch for the new users. They also use it according to their personalized requirements. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Aiden Demo

Although there are not any free versions available for Aiden Artificial Intelligence Software, the official developers do offer free trials and video tutorials for the users. These tutorials are fairly intuitive and users can easily learn Aidan from scratch, from them.


AI: Combines systems take part in process and workflow management. Provides predictive analytics to business and marketing strategies.

Campaign Management: Allows basic and well-integrated channel management for marketing channels. It provides event triggering actions that are placed within the artificial intelligence system.

Marketing Analytics: Introduces dashboards for marketing analytics, predictive analytics is also included in the AI system. Applies to track and monitoring campaigns, allowing performance metrics, ROI tracking is also included in the system services.

AI-Generated Actions: Offers recommendations, approval with an only single click, implementing changes for the users are integrated within the software system. Goal tracking, aggregating the costs, managing the Omnichannel campaigns along with reporting and analysis is available.

Scaling Assistance: Provides the capability to measure customer acquisition costs for the business for better cost management. Offers to monitor the customer lifetime value and calculated for making the business to take total control of its growth.


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Aiden Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 15, 2020

“Trusted Automation Software”

The product in every sense makes things easier by optimising the marketing campaigns and manual analysis doable by even the novices. The weekly basis reportings also makes internal analysis accessible.
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Buyer Insurance

May 15, 2020

“Sharp Usability”

Easy interfaces along with new-age AI technology and quite adaptive and flexible for the new users. The target cost monitoring and aggregating are also benefiting for both Individuals and businesses.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Aiden?

• Unified Campaign Management • Scaling Assistant • Actionable Recommendations • Process/Workflow Automation • Predictive Analytics

What is its mode of deployment?

The software can be deployed via Web-Based, Cloud, and SaaS.

What are the different pricing plans for Aiden?

Aiden pricing starts at $300 per month.

Does it provide a trial?

It provides a free trial for one month.

What operating system does Aiden support?

Details will be updated soon

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