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BAAR Artificial Intelligence Software helps better manage resources and risk. It ensures that the changes made to production follow organizational standards and sets a benchmark in providing access to databases via middleware. It not only finds issues and loopholes but assists the client in remediating them as well. It provides an extremely dedicated and multi-faceted platform for individual groups in an enterprise.

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BAAR Artificial Intelligence Software is a platform that focuses on automating controls for risk, governance, and compliance. It deals largely with medium and large enterprises in the supply and BFSI chain. The platform can automate controls across various disciplines such as Finance, Technology, and Legal, etc. It has integration with widely recognized GRC platforms and can report findings to GRC once all controls are tested and confirmed.

BAAR Pricing

BAAR Pricing is not stated. BAAR quotes no explicit fees for its technological and software solutions and the price varies according to the client’s needs and requirements. However, negotiating a price is necessary while requesting access to BAAR’s tools and automation devices. For getting information about BAAR pricing, the Chatbot platform on the website may be used.


Though BAAR Artificial Intelligence Software provides no free access or specific demo trials, it offers BAAR varsity, a personalised robotic and device training program to ensure that the client understands how to use the platform and implement it for maximising productivity and growth. It ensures that the required knowledge is provided to successfully manage new features and updates to the platform.


  • Platform Automation: Uses automated and semi-automated processes, allowing resources to be deployed more efficiently. Automates complex processes to increase productivity and save time across multiple platforms at once.
  • Workflow Automation: Create, run and monitor workflows via BAAR server, workflow engine and dashboards. Create a series of automated actions to reduce spending on unnecessary tasks, hence saving time for critical tasks.
  • Purchase Order Management: Monitor email inbox dealing with customer Purchase. Orders and extract them to compare it with previous versions via BAAR. Save Purchase Orders in specific folders relating to customer requests on SharePoint and access SAP.
  • Invoice Management: Manage invoices sent by customers without the hassle by automating the respective process with BAAR. Validate each invoice to be accurate against any Purchase Order or any goods received in ERP according to respective AP process.


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BAAR Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 25, 2020


Adapts to the environment and gives more functionality with lesser resources.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020


The investment is low but it provides an absolute freedom to scale up or down at will with minimum difficulty.
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