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Wordsmith USP

The cloud-based deployment of Wordsmith along with delivering automated insights and reports corporate earnings, has done an ample job for many business owners. Chatbots are accessible to everyone, especially benefitting for the B2B businesses and SMEs, and the software produces about1.5 billions of content per year.

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Developed by Automated Insights, Wordsmith Artificial Intelligence Software has the very first service for natural language generation which has developed a platform for itself for data narratives for the businesses, globally. It has made the complex processes like real-time data, analytics, customized much easier than traditional approaches. Wordsmith Artificial Intelligence Software has the capability to provide an integrated business intelligence platform to businesses, agencies, start-ups, SMEs as well with absolute control over database and analytics.

Wordsmith Pricing 

Getting access to Wordsmith requires different Wordsmith Pricing for different needs, per user. Monthly- It costs around $2000 along with a yearly user contract. There are added Wordsmith Pricing plans for management services, set-up fees, but with the older versions, there's still a possibility of discounts up to 50% on plugins.

Wordsmith Demo

There are options for free trial periods along with video tutorials and demos as well, in the official website. Wordsmith Artificial Intelligence Software also provides email support to its users that require the same.

Wordsmith Features

Data Testing: Enables the users to catch texting respective brand rules by using an entirely new Wordsmith tool, in addition to the previewing data sets and potential framework of logic. Helps the user by pointing out the common aspects of potential errors.

AI: Contains a multi-lingual workflow automation process, VPAs, chatbots, etc. Provides options like machine learning, implementation on sales, eCommerce as well as natural language processing and predictive analysis.

Business Intelligence: Consists of both data and visual analytics, performance metrics, strategic planners as well as budgeting and forecasting. Contains indicators working for key performance, profitability analytics, dashboards, Ad HOC reports, NLG, etc.

NLG( Natural Language Generation): Consists of CRM reports and data analytics, multi-lingual support, SEOs, web content and email marketing as well. Includes chatbots that are workable, business intellectual included, and also financial reporting can be adapted by wordsmith.


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Wordsmith Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Value-added Approach”

The software specifically focuses on producing and delivering quality content results for brands and clients. Also, churning out more than thousands of contents over short timing is also one of its agile ways to success.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easy Accessibility”

Wordsmith is quite compatible with common OSs like Windows, Webapps, etc. Fair pricing software.
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