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Warden Artificial Intelligence Software is a foremost AI software built by Delve Labs for assessing and managing vulnerability for organizations. Warden is an automated comprehensive solution that is incorporated with contextual prioritization which helps in listing down vulnerabilities based upon the level of risk they impart. Warden inbuilt AI technology helps an organization to analyze vulnerability and reduce their risk by providing remediation solutions. Warden’s facilities of machine learning help organizations to improve security by many folds.

Warden Pricing

Warden provides efficient facilities for vulnerability risk management and remediation solutions with the help of Artificial intelligence. Delve Labs Warden has not provided any details regarding the Warden Pricing plans. An organization interested in availing the services can contact the enterprise directly for the Warden Pricing subscriptions through phone call or website chat.

Warden Demo

Warden Artificial Intelligence Software provides a free demo on request by providing some details on its website. There are some resources as well as a training section available on the website along with a free trial so that the user can get accustomed to the software.

Warden Features

Comprehensive Solution: Leverage Artificial Intelligence for superior vulnerability management and remediation solutions. Automate the workplace for detecting vulnerabilities with ease.

Contextual Prioritization: Detect vulnerabilities based upon the level of risk they incur. Aids in precise remediation solution by using internal and external factors.

Intuitive and Scalable interface: Adapt to and make most of the lucid interface. Aids in scaling up the software whenever needed that too with ease 

Customizable: Customize the software with the help of machine learning to suit the organization's needs. Analyze the workplace with inbuilt analytics which is customizable for providing and accurate remediation solutions.


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Warden Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Resolving vulnerability based upon priority”

Warden’s feature of contextual prioritization helps the organization target the vulnerabilities that pose high risks to ensure the safety and privacy of client data.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Robust AI with customization”

Its superior AI helps organizations to effectively and efficiently manage vulnerabilities and customize reports using machine learning for getting remediation solutions.
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