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Ellie Artificial Intelligence Software is an AI-enabled platform that provides virtual assistance to sell or promote products, book appointments, and solve customer queries. It is a voice-enabled system that works with voice calls and smart speakers. An omnichannel platform and a price-performance leader, Ellie ECS integrates multiple functions with advanced data analytics and data integration. It provides 24/7 interaction with its users on various digital communication devices and social media.

Ellie Pricing

Pricing information has been formatted for the utmost convenience for the customers at Ellie ECS and can be accessed easily with the information provided below.

To know about Ellie Pricing, the customer has to fill in an information form that asks for basic details. The customer can then get in touch with the company to access the Ellie Pricing chart. 

Ellie Demo

Ellie Artificial Intelligence Software provides free demo options for customers in order to assist them in understanding the functionalities and usabilities of this AI-enabled platform for their business.

For a demo, the customer has to schedule a 14-day free trial by providing information about the business and the requirements.


  • Time Management: Sync with the customer's schedule and give pre-appointment and post-appointment reminders. Save time and maintain punctuality.
  • Data Analytics: Keep track of the number of users, interactions, and actions. Show the precision of the data.
  • Registration Management: Conduct surveys, receive answers, and review the survey responses. Gather valuable customer feedback and work towards improvement.
  • User Assistance: Aid a website visitor and obtain details like name, email, and phone number. Show visitor-related choices for convenience and allows interaction between businesses and people.
  • Accessibility Management: Solve general queries, book appointments, and register for services. Transfer customers to a live representative agent who can resolve the problem.


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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 25, 2020

“Smart Integration With Impeccable Assistance”

Ellie ECS combines with the backend CRM runs an extensive customer management reporting system which is not only exceptionally intelligent for a system but is also resourceful for a new user to work with.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Commendable Customer Support”

Ellie ECS works irreproachably through not just an extensive section dedicated to FAQs for providing timely information, but also move requests speedily, sparing time to work on more complex issues.
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