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Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software
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Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software USP

Prodigy artificial intelligence software allows users to create their own annotations. It also provides custom interfaces that help the user a lot. It uses smart technology like machine learning and various other features such as name and entity recognition, segmentation of images, and many more. It uses great data backup software which helps in the storage of data. Request Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software Pricing to get more information.


Prodigy artificial intelligence software is created for machine teaching and annotations. It helps the scientists to create their own annotations and it also reduces the cost for larger projects. Prodigy uses smart technology and provides a flexible web application and acts like a python library and command line. Data from the application is stored in SQLite by default.

Prodigy Pricing

On the basis of the user requirement Prodigy Pricing ranges from $390 to $ 490. The user can choose the pricing according to the requirements. 

Prodigy Pricing segment is given below:

  1. Personal: $390/user/month.
  2. Company: $490/user/month.

Prodigy Demo

Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software provides a free demo on the official website. The user can select the interface and the theme for which he wants to get the demo. The demo is provided in the form of a video that explains all the functionalities of the selected interface and theme.



Quick and Easy annotations
  • Breaks the complex tasks into small segments, gives better data faster.
  • Allows manual interface, allows users to label the entities according to its need.
Intelligent Technology
  • Provides built-in annotations for various tasks like image segmentation, object detection.
  • Boosts users' annotation effort by statistical methods and custom libraries.
Custom Interfaces
  • It provides the user with the custom interfaces that help the user to customize the annotations according to them.
  • It provides various different features such as blocks, custom re-copies.
  • It provides amazing data storage, it uses SQLite for storing the data.
  • Backs up data at regular time and data can be retrieved at any time whenever it is needed by the user. 
  • It allows the user to choose between MYSQL and PostgreSQL.



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Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software
71 Buyers Negotiating
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Prodigy Artificial Intelligence Software Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“User Friendly”

The application is user friendly as it provides many customizable interfaces, libraries, annotations which makes it tough competition in the market.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Smart Technology”

Prodigy uses smart technology and keeps it up to date due to which the user can get amazing features and all the benefits from it.
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