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Farrago Artificial Intelligence Software is a machine learning platform that makes preparing data and running predictive models simple, cost-effective, and quick. It allows users to use data analytics without having to wait weeks and months for the results. It plugs into AWS Sagemaker, while automatically transforming user data into a form accepted by the machine learning systems. Instead of using huge amounts of memory and time, the platform provides big data analysis in one click.

Farrago Pricing

Farrago Pricing functions as a SaaS (Software as a service) with a common price of $1499 per month allowing the user to activate 1 model for 8 hours a day. Farrago pricing is highly competitive and is the best in the industry. The pricing plans can be customized as per the need of business. The pricing plans include all the features from basic to premium with a different set of pricing.

Farrago Demo

Farrago Artificial Intelligence Software offers a 14-day free trial. Interested users can also apply for a free demo both of which are available on Farrago’s website. Along with this, it allows users to enhance their skills by using their online workshops, webinars, and case studies.


  • Data and Questions: Import data from external sources to start analysis instantly. Uses natural language algorithms and statistical analysis to guide the users on the best ways to use their data
  • Analysis: Supported by the use case, Farrago analyses data to make it useable by the machine learning model. Receive specific reports about each model and how to use it
  • Fix and Transform: Quickly fixes and transforms user data making it viable for machine learning. Readies user data for training, testing and validating individual predictive models
  • Run Model: Integrates directly into AWS Sagemaker eliminating the need for the user to have the huge computing power for data analysis. Direct integration using custom pipelines is used for training, testing and deploying predictive models
  • Ease of Use: Converts outputs into simple to understand reports so that it is easily understood by analysts and stakeholders. Solves complex data problems with ease speeding up business decisions


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Farrago Reviews


Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Amazing Technology”

Farrago is very easy to use and provides great insights into businesses much better than other cloud-based prediction softwares.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Saves Time and Money”

Provides free community resources with the software. It is a relief to use and saves extra costs.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Farrago?

• AI / Machine Learning • Data Blending • Data Mining • For Education • For Healthcare • For Sales • For eCommerce • Machine Learning • Model Training • Modeling & Simulation • Statistical / Mathematical Tools • Templates

What is its mode of deployment?

It supports Web-Based, Cloud, and SaaS deployment

What are the different pricing plans for Farrago?

Farrago pricing starts at $1499 per month.

Does it provide a trial?

The software provides a free trial for 14 days.

What operating system does Farrago support?

Details will be updated soon

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